Should I get a Chanel? Please help me!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know this is very last minute. I am flying to Hong Kong the day after tomorrow and am wondering if I should get myself a Chanel. (I am going to Boston this Dec, or should I get it in US?)

    I know many of you have the classic flap and yes, it is a beautiful piece but also, a lot of people have that. I was considering the black medium/large caviar.

    Should I get a Chanel? If yes, which one?
    1. Black medium/large caviar with silver hardware?
    2. Black medium/large caviar with gold hardware?
    3. Beige (the brownish pink colour) medium/large caviar with silver hardware?
    4. Beige (the brownish pink colour) medium/large caviar with gold hardware? or
    5. any other recommendations? One that is suitable for both days and nights.

    For this price, I wish to get a nice piece (i know all Chanels are pretty) and a lasting one. Understand 4 and 5 above are susceptible to colour transfer :sad: Is it true?

    But black is more common.

    Should I buy any Chanel and if yes, which piece? (I do not own any Chanel currently tho'). But you gals have inspired me so! :smile:

    Please give me your comments? Many thanks, babes!:idea:
  2. I like the Black medium/large caviar with silver hardware, black is a must have
  3. Get it before the price increase!!! Last price increase, they raise about 400 for the medium/large classic flap. it was awful! :yucky:

    I personally prefer Beige Caviar with Gold Hardware besides black. however, if you want black (preferably silver hardware). Go for it!!
    The red one is also pretty (but hard to find) :sad:

    Have you seen the flap with new chain? They're also pretty!

    Good luck and enjoy your trip! :yahoo:
  4. Kimkim - tks :smile:
    Cherry- Yup, I went to see the red flap in modern chain in the Ref thread, awesome! Is it the same price as the classic flap? I am worried abt col transfer and looking the same as others.... and of cos, a Chanel bag does not come cheap!:smile:
  5. The red flap bags might have color transfers, just to warn you! I have one and the color slightly came off on my top. I was sooo irked! My mom has the cute red caviar bag from this year's cruise, the color came off the handles and got deposited on the fabric bag too. She was quite appalled because it's Chanel and she expects it to be of better standards. Unfortunately not. I haven't been buying flap bags for a year until quite recently and that was when I noticed the steep price increase!

    So get it while you can! But think carefully though, it's a good investment. I have a black reissue jumbo in gold chain and I love it!! :heart:
  6. Hi Ladydeluxe - tks! Looks like it got to be black then. Better risk someone else having the same bag at the same function than for it to lose its colour! Chanel is still not as common as say Coach and Gucci, I think and hope. :smile: Nothing against Coach and Gucci, I still love Gucci! Tks a lot once again:yes:!
  7. Hi gals,
    pls give me your comments...greatly appreciate,.....sorry cos am flying off really soon...

  8. hong kong is great...they carry different model from north america...walk in one of them and ask...they have 6 chanel shops in hong kong...
  9. I'd go with jumbo caviar with silver h/w... I have one and just :heart::heart::heart: it. It's totally functional for me, I can carry it anywhere day and night. Try it for yourself when you're at the store and see which size works better for you.
  10. Hi Bags-Conscious and Eiffel21,

    Tks v much for sharing with me your views. Yup, I will check out the stores in HK and keep the classic flap in mind. :yes:
  11. Just try on the bags that speak to you, and if it is all of them, so what. When you asked, though, I immediately went to black. It goes with the most wardrobe pieces that I own. I prefer gold hardware; it's a matter of personal preference AND what is available. In the end, just keep your lifestyle and wardrobe pieces in mind and what you truly love and you won't go wrong.
  12. OMG, I love shopping in HK! My dad just got me the Chanel Envelope bag in grey from HK a few days back! :smile:
  13. I would go with black caviar with either gold or silver h/w! I love lambskin too but it's more maintenance. :heart:
  14. you'll probably know which bag to get as soon as you put it on. it's always a bit overwhelming inside the boutique but there's always one great bag that looks/feels just right on you. but if i had to pick from your 4 choices, i would go with the black caviar with silver hw as my one chanel basic bag. BUT i think you should look at everything else before buying your first chanel many choices out there!
  15. personally i recommended black jumbo caviar or if u can get a coco cabas bag in leather :drool: