Should I get a BV Ball or a Balenciaga Day bag?

  1. Hi! This is my first time posting in the BV thread. I'm usually at the Balenciaga thread, but recently I've been wanting a BV bag. I love the woven leather!

    I know that my question will probably get some biased answers but I'm hoping to find some help in my dilema. Should I purchase my first BV bag, the Ball bag, or should I get the Balenciaga Day bag?

    I'm looking for a casual bag, that has gorgeous leather and not too heavy. I have a couple of Balenciaga bags already and love their soft, light leather, but I do not have the Day style. Is the BV leather like Balenciaga's? Or should I just stick with what I know and like?

    Thanks for all your help, and maybe I'll get my first BV soon? Also, do you think the Ball style would be a good one for a first BV? I don't really need such a big bag for my daily needs, but I do need a shoulder bag. Thanks again.:yes:
  2. hi hobbit, :smile:.... since you asked question in BV forum, i think you probably find more answer toward bv bag then balenciaga day, :smile:. me myself think that BV leather is very subtle, and i like it better then balenciaga leather. But if a matter of which one you should buy, i think you should listen to your heart, which one you like most.
  3. Do you have any other Balenciaga bags? I was a Balenciaga girl too - I have 3 citys and one first. I got my first BV this month. The classic Veneta Hobo in black. I'm so glad I did. What I loved about Balenciaga I also love about BV. The beautiful leather, how well made the bags are - how classic.
    Personally i'm not as huge a fan of the day style. Between the two i'd go for the Ball (although the Veneta is still my favorite - I can't deal with the compartments in the Ball, too rigid for me. I'm more of a chuck-it-in the bag type of gal.) haha

    So there's my 2 cents. I could answer better if I knew what style b-bags you have already and what you're looking for in your new BV bag.

    You have excellent taste btw! hehe
  4. I'm a bbag fan, too but there's nothing better than BV leather and if you already have some Bbags. My first BV was the ball bag, too and its leather is so much softer than on the Bbags and it's really light weight bag. You can't go wrong with the ball bag. IMO the little compartments are prefect for little things that usually get lost in the bag like cell, keys etc. The ball is my all time favourite bag!
  5. beauxgoris and tanja... first time i saw the title of this thread, I remembered you ladies.... very curious to see what you ladies will choose between the two....

    I used to be a bbag girl. but the love has long gone. i would pick the ball bag if i were you.
  6. Thank you beauxgoris, Tanja and me_love_purse for your help. I have a Balenciaga city and first already and love them both. What I wanted to get for my next bag is a shoulder bag (I was leaning towards a hobo style) that would look great with jeans and a T-shirt. I don't have a lot to carry normally, so I need a bag that look good even when it is half empty....oh, and it has to be light. From what you guys said, it seems as if the BV bag fits all my needs...YEAH!:yahoo:

    Now, I have to decide what style I should get. I was thinking of the Ball bag, because it looks as if it would be quite comfortable on the shoulder. Beauxgoris, does your Veneta fit comfortably on the shoulder?

    Thank you again for your help.
  7. Hi there! I love both Balenciaga and BV and have 3 bags from the former brand. When I saw the title of the thread, I was thinking that it's a tough choice and wasn't sure what my recommendation would be. However, reading the narrative, if you have no BVs and have already bought Balenciagas, of course go with BV!!! The leather is more luxurious with BV, although both brands probably have the softest leather out there. My only caviat is that I don't like the ball bag that much (pls don't kill me people) and really prefer the veneta or campana.
  8. I'd go with a Balenciaga Day bag :smile:
  9. Ps. Veneta is super comfy on the shoulder, even in the smaller size.
  10. The only Balenciaga I owned was long ago and a style that doesn't resemble the Bbags of today! Their leather is great. My only contribution to this thread will be that I have yet to wear a BV (that is the right size for me) that isn't super-comfortable on my shoulder--it's like they were made for me. That may also be the way with Balenciaga, but I haven't "tried" one in a few years.
  11. The ball bag is super comfy on the shoulder and stays there.
  12. I have both the Ball and the Day - and I adore each of them in their separate ways. The Day is the more casual bag. Great with jeans! It holds a bunch but with two zippered pockets (one outside and one inside) the essentials are always at hand. It fits beautifully on my shoulder and stays there.

    Exactly the same qualities endear the Ball to me, but it's more dressy. I can wear it to work with suits and not feel dressed down. It sits nicely on the shoulder and holds everything I need on a normal day.

    So go with your heart. I'm glad I have both.
  13. Thanks everyone for your responses. I think deep down I would really like a BV and will eventually get one.

    As for getting either a Ball or the small Veneta?.....that's still undecided. But I'm leaning towards the Ball because I love the 4 pockets.
  14. On a whole, I lean toward the BV bags. They will transcend time and they are simply stunning. As for which one that becomes an entirely different issue.
  15. I have three Balenciaga day bags and two small BV venetas. I love them both. If it were a Balenciaga day, I would get it only if it were an older bag. As Billysmom said, they are very different looks IMO. My BV is a good work and weekend bag while the bbag is almost strictly weekend. I prefer the look of the bbag with jeans. But I don't think you can go wrong with either. One thing to consider though is whether you want compartments or not. I do not like the ball for that reason and so I have the veneta. I have the small veneta because I think the large is two big. In terms of size, I prefer the bbag. Basically, I like both but if you don't have a BV yet and have a bbag, then go for a BV.

    Not sure any of that made sense.