Should i get a Brown Princy Guccisima hobo ?

  1. Haven't buy a Gucci bag for a very long time still owned 2 fibric ones ('jolicoeur' large tote beige one and also a small pink wrist bag) but didn't use them at all after addicted to Chloes leather, after the Guccisima introduced , i really loved them, got a lot of the accessories as seen on the pics but not a hangbag yet, so really want to buy one signature classic Guccisima hangbag, the question is i know i will just want to buy one Guccisima bag, so i want one style that can be dress up and down, also the color can be used all year around and can be used for a very long time and not easy outdated the jolicoeur seems not too timeless, and i love the hobo style, so do u all think the princy style fit that ?and also my other concern is i really want to own one that Gucci doesn't easy mark down the price and put it on sale, sometimes the Chloe hurts me though.

    Any input or style suggestion will be very welcome
    Thanks all ! !
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  2. my favorite gucci hobo is the horsebit hobo in the medium size, it comes in brown guccissima leather...
  3. I love the Guccissima leather.

    I have the princy hobo in both black and brown Guccissima. It is such a great bag.

    Here are mine

    I got my brown one at and I have seen the black one on there also from time to time.

    Someone in another thread they saw the brown one at one of the outlets recently. But when they went back it was sold out. I have a feeling that the brown princy hobo will be on sale next month.
  4. Oh that's i really don't want them to reduce the price , i did order the princy through , so should i just return it wait for the sale next month ?
    But as i know usually they will not put the classic bag on sale.

    By the way, beljwl u have a very very nice guccisima collection, i loved them, always wonder which one i should get between them.
  5. Since you have already ordered it. How long do you have if you want to return it? If you can I would say hold on to it and if it does go on sale I would return the full price one and buy the one on sale. Does this make sense?
  6. Do u know when it will start the mid year sale ?
    Beside the style u got ? what else u think is nice ?
  7. The pre-sale will start the last week of May and the sale should start the first week of June.

    There is not a huge choice in the Guccissima leather. I Love the Pelham but that one cost a lot more. What I like the best about the Princy hobo over some of the other hobos is the shoulder strap is softer. I like the look of the chain hobo but I think the Princy is more comfortable on the shoulder
  8. mona~ I've never heard of this site, are they reputable? They have the 2006 Red Glam Hobo that I've been hunting for (it's temporarily sold out, but it's the only red bag I can seem to find that I like!)

    LaLa~ Everyone has been recommending the Medium Horsebit Hobo in Guccissima leather as a great everyday bag! The leather will hold up, and I've been told it can hold a lot for a medium sized bag! For a bag that you want to dress up or down, you may want to go with the Princy, though, I think it has a little more of that "classic" look you want!

  9. beljwl,

    This might be an odd question, but did the leather on your princy have a strong leather smell or was it just subtle? I just got mine and it was hardly noticeable. I guess I am just used to other bags having a very obvious smell of leather. Weird, I know;:shrugs: but I am just curious.
  10. No it was no overly strong. As a matter of fact I never even noticed the smell at all.
  11. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, i had never brought the designer bags besides the dapartment stores or orginal on line stores, never notice there is such a discount, anyway i will let u guys know after i received the princy hobo, thanks