Should I get a bordeaux city or wait for the violet?

  1. I haven't seen bordeaux IRL, and I was talking to a Saks SA who said they just got it in. I'm just wondering how is that possible, if bordeaux is an 05 color, right? What do you all think of bordeaux? Is it a magnificent color to get as my first b-bag or should I wait for the violet/grape?
  2. As everyone on this board probably know, Bordeaux is my absolute favorite Balenciaga color. If a SA found the color for you, then by all means grab it! I think personally that Bordeaux would be color that would go with more. Here is a pic of my Bordeaux City side by side with 05 Rouge Theatre:
    reds.JPG reds1.JPG
  3. becca - both of your bags are making me:drool::drool::drool:
  4. Wait For The Violet!!!!
  5. If she said they "just got it in" then I'd be highly suspicious about what color it is!! Could she be talking about Sienna? Can you ask her what the official color name is on the price tag or in their computer system?
  6. If you could find an '05 Bordeaux in good shape I would go for it! That year leather and color combo is incredible. One of my fav colors. :tup:
  7.'s hard to believe they just got in a Bordeaux from 05. The only ones I've seen lately were on eBay. I guess you never know though. Then again, seems like someone scored an 05 Black City at NM recently but it had been in the back for a long time. :confused1:
  8. I'm longing for violet, but I am a bit worried about how it will fit in with my wardrobe colours. Bordeaux is a gorgeous colour and is certainly more versatile. I got a grenat city in 2006 and absolutely love it. I think I'd seriously consider the Bordeaux.
  9. I think the bag is grenat or a new 2007 color, not bordeaux :yes: As for a photo if possible.
  10. Wow... A bordeaux city available??? I looove violet but if there is still a bordeaux I'd take it in a heartbeat! Good luck and let us know what you have decided.
  11. I'm pretty sure the bag is actually the new mogano/cinnamon color. I purchased this color at Nordstrom and the Balenciaga hang tag inside the bag actually says "Red Bordeaux." I'm sure this will cause plenty of confusion amongst all the SAs!
  12. I love the Bourdeaux!! I have the First - and she was my very first Bbbag :drool: The leather is YUMMIE - and the color really is versatile!!

    I would go check it out. I love Purple as well - my alltime favourite color, so I am getting one in the city.

    I think both colors will be excellent with all kinds of colors/wardrobes...

    Sorry - not much help actually... But go see the Bourdeaux. It might be grenat and not bourdeaux at all..
  13. Thanks everyone. I know if she emailed me a picture, I still wouldn't know. Do Balenciaga bags have a season code or color code somewhere inside the bag she can check? That way I can rule out if it isn't a bordeaux 05.
  14. I called again and indeed the tag said Red Bordeaux, so I guess it's the mogano.
  15. You can also verify the year by the letter on the silver tag. If it's a "U" you'll know it's mogano/cinnamon for sure!