Should I get a BH or a Damier Speedy 30 for my Birthday?

  1. I already have a Mono Speedy 30 which I really enjoy which should be my next bag???

    BH or Damier Speedy 30
  2. BH, you already have a speedy, so you should switch it up!
  3. My vote is for the BH but both choices aren't very different from what you have. You allready have the monogram and you allready have the speedy.

    Maybe a different damier or epi bag?
  4. Bh Bh Bh ...:yahoo:
  5. Never be a fan of BH so my vote goes for a speedy.
  6. Damier speedy!! I have 4 speedy bags and love them all.....each one has it's own look!
  7. Get a BH! It's much more functional.
  8. I personally prefer the Damier Speedy, but since you already have a speedy, I think you should go with the BH!
  9. I vote speedy- I love mine! (I have 2 other speedies and this one is my fave!!)
  10. BH--it is one of my most used bags. Have you considered the palermo? As much as I love my BH, my palermo is quickly moving in to first place!
  11. Seems like a hard decision but I'm leaning more towards BH!
  12. i vote for BH as well if you alreayd have a speedy.
  13. I think BH!
  14. Bh
  15. BH rocks...that's my vote!