Should I get a bbag?


Nov 25, 2009
I've been roaming around this forum for a bit and contemplating if I should get a bbag. I never knew about this brand before I came on TPF, and its not popular where I am. I just wonder if I would really like this bag once I get it or is it because I seen pics of it worn by celebs and others that look good. If I didn't come on TPF and just saw these bags in a department store, I might not even have noticed. I also dunno which style I should get, I think I kinda like the first style but I don't like to hold my purse all the time and wearing it with the strap looks kinda odd. Oh, and there are so many colors I don't even know which to get, I mean black looks cool and goes with a lot of stuff but I have more than enough black bags!! Other colors are harder to match outfits and I don't think I'm the type that would buy a lot of the same style bags in different colors. And I wonder is it really worth the price tag? The other thing is everyone is talking about how nice the leather is, but I went to check it out and it feels kinda like plastic to me? Anyways, I'm just blabbling on, anyone else in the same shoes?


Mar 18, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
I don't think you should get such an expensive bag you don't love... If there is no deep urge to bal, why consider it? Maybe you should try it on some more...

Don't agree on the bal leather to be plastic-like... I love the leather on bbags, it's what makes them so unique and if you don't like it, maybe you should stick with someting else?


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Jan 6, 2009
I felt exactly the same way that you did ilec. I was never really interested in balenciaga bags even though my bag obsession began more than a year ago. I thought that they looked quite ordinary. They grew on me though. I finally decided that they looked like a nice casual bag design that had proven the test of time and came in fabulous colours!

I had also heard about the amazing leather that balenciagas' had and I must admit I was surprised at the leather of my Raisin when it arrived. It was not soft like other lambskin bags that I've had and was pretty stiff and light - sort of plastic-ky like you mentioned. I believe that it will soften up over time and will feel wonderful once they have been broken in. Meanwhile, the lightness of my RH part time bag makes me LOVE carrying it out. And I love the distressed look and even the tassels! (I never thought that I was a tassel girl)

Now, 2 weeks into my Balenciaga obsession (i bought my first bag two weeks ago) I now have 3 Bals. What I love about it is the simplicity of design, its incredible lightness and practicality, the multitude of gorgeous colours I can choose from and its forum full of lovely Bal girls that are always happy to share opinions, good deals and praise for our lovely new bags. :smile:

I'd go with a colour. I used to have only black bags. Now, I have purple and green and intend to get an electric blue next. :P


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Dec 27, 2006
Hi Ilec, I say, weigh in carefully as you don't want to go through buyer's remorse! Will this be your first expensive bag? The new one feels like plastic because it's not broken in yet. Later on the leather becomes soft and pillowy.

The first Bal I got was a pre-owned one as I could not justify the cost...had it authenticated by TPF and all before I put in a bid. Then I quickly fell in love with it and wanted a second one. Note that the first one I got was chevre (goat skin) which is thicker than the current leather that Bal uses (lambskin or agneau). It didn't matter to me I was already sold by then and wanted a brand new one without limiting myself to any one color.

Like you, no one around me knows Bal. Part of me wants them to know it so I can get the smiles and oh wow I like your bag comments. I do get the I like your bag comments without the wow is that Bal, LOL. But I am so happy with my purchase.

Good luck!


Nov 25, 2009
^No, I have bought bags that cost more such as Chanel and sometimes I still wonder why I did, since the price is outrageous, but I guess part of the price went to the brand name which is more known worldwide. So if I do get a bbag, I would have to really enjoy it myself, since most people wouldn't know I'm carrying a bag over 1k.....I have been considering buying from ******, since the price is a bit below retail so it seems a bit more worth it but I haven't really seen a color there that I really LOVE so I think I'll wait a bit instead of being impulsive on the e-shopping.


Jan 11, 2008
Not sure about you, I like low profile brands, I wouldn't wanna be one of those who buy LV just for the sake of it's LV and everybody knows that you are carrying one. Bal has such a distinctive style just like Alexander McQueen's creations, if you know what I mean. If you are not 100% sure about it, I think you better look around for some alternative or go back to Chanel. Bal might not be the best choice for you. Think twice!


Sep 28, 2007
No, don't buy one if you don't love it. There's a downside if you do end up liking them because If you are like most of us in the forum, you won't be able to buy just one. Stop. Turn around. Walk away.

:smile: you should LOVE any bag you are willing to spend $1000 on, IMO.


Dec 3, 2009
beanne town
I love Bbags because they're funky, well made and have lovely touches like the mirror, tassles and stitching on the handles. It's not like carrying around a Chanel which is more iconic, but in my opinion has less personality.


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Oct 7, 2008
New York City
It doesn't sound like you really care for Bbags much from your post. I don't think you should get one if you don't absolutely love Bbags. It would be a waste. It's a good idea to wait. Maybe in the future you'll feel differently.

Personally, I LOVE my Bbags and I don't regret getting any of them.


May 12, 2007
ilec, I agree with what everyone else says. You
have to really, really, really want a Bal bag before you
buy one. There's no other handbag like them and the
quality and workmanship is flawless. I think you'd
have buyer's remorse if you got one, though. Put
your hard earned money on something you don't
think you could live without rather than on something
you're not sure about. That's just my two cents, though.
Mar 24, 2010
Sunshine Island
If u are contemplating between the price tag and the brand perhaps you are really not ready for one purchase. For you got to be convinced that all these bags are definitely make worth to be priced high and thus it can definitely justify the cost!

Then again we shout "ouch damage!" :cursing::girlsigh:


Nov 23, 2008
First look I wasn't interested. Then I looked again and got HOOKED. Love them. Color, weight, styles. but you find you can't stop at one!