should i get a bag or the makeup case

  1. ok so i do not make a ton of money but bad so im going to save some money and when we go to orlando im going to shop at lv mall of malenia and i want some advice should i get a bag or the make up case or should i get speedy or alma bag
    im just not sure what to get thanks
  2. It's hard to go wrong with a speedy. But what cosmetics case is it that you're looking at?
  3. Well the alma is my favorite so I'm going to say go for an Alma!!!
  4. the one thats 1800 bucks the once called nice
  5. i'll get a bag over a cosmetic case and speedy is def my choice
  6. mall of milenia has excellent service!
  7. Speedy 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I say speedy ... every bag lover has to have at least one speedy!
  9. red epi alma is TDF!
  10. I would def get a handbag unless you want to use the makeup bag as a clutch. Get something that you can use and take out everyday. And, as long as you are going to a boutique, enjoy the experience and try on the handbags, make sure you like it and then have the SA wrap it up in a box with a nice ribbon for you.
  11. Oh I love the nice, but your first LV should be something you can really use everyday. If $1,800 is in your price range you have so many bags to choose from just buy what makes your heart sing and if it is the case then go for it! I carry an epi Alma and it is the most fab bag ever (I have the ivory) very durable and so roomy I highly recommend it. You could also buy some small goods like a wallet or agenda before you add up to the cost of the luggage case.
  12. Yup, I agree. You need a bag for daily use (I'd go with the Speedy)...the accessories can come later. :yes:
  13. i vote for the speedy too!