Should I get a 2nd reissue?

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  1. I have one Chanel bag... it is a fall 08 dark silver 226 reissue and I love it. I love the reissue so much (more so than the classic flap) I am considering getting another one (when I have the money/chance to get a Chanel). I'm thinking I definitely want a 225 or something slightly smaller than the size I have now and WHITE to be more 'evening' like.

    Would that be just plain silly, considering I don't own any other Chanel? I also only have a couple other purses in general (I have a black leather Lauren Merkin clutch, beige gucci horsebit hobo, tan/brown leather gucci horsebit flap).
  2. i think it's not a silly idea, i prolly would just do the same. but if you prefer an evening bag, you may want to get a e/w classic flap/ camellia evening bag, i think they have better shapes for evening than reissue.
  3. If you like the look of the reissue, and who doesn't (well almost), then you should get one in the 225 size. Heck, I have 4 reissues and don't mind adding a few more to my collection, haha!
  4. I think you need to get whatever makes you happy. I can see that other bags may be more practical, but if you want another Reissue more than anything else, get it! Good luck deciding.
  5. ^^ Would agree with soul2squeeze. These bags cost a lot of money so you must go with something you really love. You've said that you'd like to get a white re-issue for evening use. Great idea, since the colour is so different from your dark silver and it would make a lovely evening bag.
  6. The more the merrier! ;)
  7. Reissues are addictive, like what - is not when it comes to Chanel?! :P