Should I follow up?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm pretty much a newbie as far as Hermes is concerned. The only Hermes items I have are scarves. While I'm a few years away from owning something more substantial, I wanted to start building/establishing a relationship with an associate.

    I went to my local Hermes over the weekend with the purpose of buying a Kelly Double Tour bracelet. Unfortunately, they did not have anything in stock. We looked through the look book, and I gave her a list of possible colors that I would want, to faciliate the search process. The associate who helped me took down my information and told me she would call me back in the evening.

    I haven't heard from her, and was wondering if it would be rude to follow-up? From reading some threads that have been posted in the past, I don't want to make the wrong move. Thanks!
  2. I would call it'll be a good way to build a relationship, you have her name?
  3. I would call after a couple of days, not immediately since she can be very busy.
  4. yea, they are usually very busy. I assume we go to the same store; I would give her a couple more days to search for one.

    good luck!
  5. Definitely call in a day or so! Shows you are interested and not just wasting her time too! And this way, you can get to know the SA better too!
  6. Searches do take time plus the store could be busy. Give it a couple of days before calling. It would show your interest.
  7. Thanks for the advice....I appreciate it!

    Waiting is so hard...:girlsigh:
  8. i would call. If she has missed the date she said she would call her back.
  9. I agree- wait a day or two. since she said she would call you later the same day you were there she might not have anticipated how busy the day turned out to be. i'm sure she will get back to you as soon as she can (perhaps she is waiting to hear back from a store about their inventory) but again it never hurts to follow up.
  10. Update:

    The associate just called me...I've got a Rouge VIF (sp?) double tour bracelet coming my way! Whoo-hoo! :wlae:
  11. That's great! Congrats!
  12. SuLi, If I didn't hear from someone in a business week,
    I'd follow-up. Good luck. That's a pretty bracelet. :smile:
  13. Woo hoo, your patience was rewarded. Your new bracelet sounds beautiful, hope you post pictures when it arrives!
  14. Congrats on your new bracelet!!
  15. Congrats! Post pics when it arrives so we can see your new beauty!!!