Should I file a SNAD?

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Just received a YSL Muse on ebay. The listing claims the bag to be "excellent interior/exterior" except for wear on bottom corners of the bag.

    Before bidding, I specifically asked the seller to inform me of other signs of wear especially on the handles. She replied to say the handles are fine.
    The bag I got was not "excellent". It was quite beat-up. The handles are far from fine (see pic). There was also 2 white spots on the front of the bag that she did not declare on the listing nor in the answer that she gave me.

    I feel like filing a SNAD but want to get your opinion to see if I am over-reacting. I know I bought a used bag. I don't mind the bottom corners because that was declared in the listings. But I am very particular about the handles and that's why I asked and the while spots were very obvious and not un-noticeable. So I am upset why there were not told to me. I hate it when sellers hide part of the truth. Is it too much to expect them to disclose honestly?

    The pictures are obvious signs the bag is not "excellent" as described. In fact the signs are all over the bag but they wont show in the pictures. Thread were coming out, leather was wrinkled etc...sigh...

    What do you all think? Thanks.

    Oh, I had also emailed her on the same day I got the bag with pictures. I have yet to hear from her. Maybe she's not ignoring me.

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  2. It's a judgment call. If the wear on the handles is more than you can deal with, file a SNAD and send it back. This isn't my usual brand, so to me the wear looks not that bad, but it's really up to you since you are the person who will be carrying this every day!
  3. Quite simply, yes, I would file SNAD. There seems to be a fair amount of wear on the handle. Also, the white spots should have been declared.
  4. #4 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Thank you for your responses.

    Would you suggest I file with ebay or paypal or can I do both? Should I give her more time to respond? It's been 24 hours.
  5. File a SNAD with ebay.
  6. eBay or PP, you can't do both.
  7. Will I have higher chance of getting money back with paypal since money is with them. How can ebay make sellers refund if they don't have any hold on them?
  8. I would file a SNAD with eBay if the seller doesn't respond in a reasonable amount of time.

  9. eBay owns PayPal and in my experience the disputes through eBay are quicker than the ones through PayPal.
  10. eBay owns PP, so they're basically the same thing.

    ETA: Perfectly timed, Marnee!
  11. I see! thank you all for your advices. I will wait a bit more since it's the weekend for her reply.

  12. :ghi5:
  13. I don't know what you paid for this Muse, but what the pictures show are minor signs of wear (those marks most likely can be smoothed out with conditioner, but don't touch it until you resolve this issue with the seller or eBay), and since she listed the bag as used, she could win the SNAD claim. I realized she listed it as "excellent," but that's a subjective term that doesn't mean perfect. If you open a SNAD dispute, send eBay/PP the notes in which you asked about the signs of wear, the handles, etc., and the seller's responses.
  14. Noted. thanks. I communicated with her through ebay's message so that shouldn't be a problem. Her exact response to the handles was "handles are in good condition".
  15. Honestly I don't think it looks that bad. It's hard to tell but it doesn't seem to be as bad as you may think. I think those two spots could easily be rubbed out as karmenz said. I guess it depends what you paid. But keep in mind, this ISN'T a new bag. You're going to have a few marks on it. And from what I can tell, I would consider those handles to be "good condition" too.