Should I file a claim


Sep 29, 2006
I purchased some shirts for my boyfriend and paid for them and the seller emailed me said they had shipped and sent me a tracking number for usps and said it would not show up for up to 10 days. It has been over 10 days and it still does not show up as a valid tracking number on the usps site. I also see that ebay has suspended his accounts after I paid. He told me I would get my shirts and the tracking number would show up any day but I am not sure if I shoud believe him. The tracking number looks different from the other tracking numbers that the other sellers gave me for usps so I asked him to give me my tracking number again.

Should I file a claim?
If you haven't received the item in 10 days, then yes, file a claim. Make sure in your description that you say the tracking number the seller provided isn't valid.
tracking numbers show up almost instantly. maybe he typed in a wrong number or maybe he is just giving excuses. I would start the claim process. Especially if ebay has suspended his account!
It was a usps tracking number and he said it would show up any day now but it has been over two weeks and the tracking number still does not work. He says that its because it is an international shipment that the number is different. If i do not see it pop up or my shirts in the next week I am going to file a claim for sure because I gotta get my boyfriend some presents.
File a claim now.

But USPS 'tracking #s' don't always work. If it's just a delivery confirmation #, often it's not scanned until it's delivered.
I can't count the # of times I've shipped and gave the 'tracking #' and it never worked.
I am not an expert in international shipping... but how would he get a USPS tracking number if he's shipping it from another country? This whole deal sounds super-fishy to me. I'd def file a claim right away. Even once you file, it is still going to take a while to go through the process and get your $$ back.
It sounds suspicious, bcoz i dun think there's USPS besides in the US.isnt it?

u can just email him again, if he still could be reached, well you can just discuss it with him, but if he did not replied your messages, just file a claim right away!