Should i feel happpy or sad? :( big SIGH!

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  1. Went to LV boutique last weekend,intended to get a Stresa or Saleya
    but the staff kept telling me this one is not available and that one also in shortage...
    this make me felt really sad but meanwhile my family happy for the amount i saved = =
    so guys what bags should i get?
    the staff asked me to leave my number and they will phone me when they have ready stocks for me
    for stresa , there are 5 ladies in the waiting list
    for saleta , there are 3 ladies .....
    should i change my mind to get Wiskhire GM?or something better?

    FYI,what they have the most now are speedy and neverfulls :sad:

    please help!
  2. Don't settle for a bag that you don't really want! Wait for the Stresa/Saleya... whichever one you like best.

  3. Should i? cos there are 5 more ladies who gg to compete with me..
    luckily i am the only one ask for GM :sad:
  4. I agree, I would wait, it will be worth it! If you don't wait you will just be lusting after the bag you wanted to begin with until you get it.
  5. I agree too, don't settle!
  6. I would wait for the bag you really want! Just because there are 3-5 people in line for that bag doesn't mean all of them will purchase it. Things happen, people change their minds. Anyhow, I know from the LV boutique I buy from you CAN prepay for the bag you want and it will guarantee you will get it when it comes in. Also, Saks can do a search for the bag you want too. You would need to pre-pay for the bag also, but that would mean you'd have it within a week if they do! Just throwing ideas out there.

    I would wait for the bag you have your heart set on, don't settle!
  7. Don't settle...wait for the one you want.
  8. wait and get the bag you really want! It'll be that much more awesome when you finally get it!
  9. They usually get more than one at a time... so a shipment could include all 5... especially if they request for it since they have a waiting list. That store can get priority over another store.
  10. Always happy, don't settle! Who knows, you may fall in love with something else... I know I do :biggrin: Keep saving while you wait, maybe you can get 2!

  11. I agree!
  12. Wait for your fave bag don't settle!
  13. ^ ita :smile:
  14. Wait for the bag you really want!
  15. Wait, I love the Stresa!