Should I feel guilty? Python bag.

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  1. I have been craving a python bag and I love the Zagliani, but it's way out of my price range. I found this bag on EBay and realize it's very similar to the Zagliani, but waaay cheaper ($245) and, well, I was weak and bought it. Of course, I am hoping I actually receive it and that it looks half as good as the photo would suggest.

    I'm feeling guilty, though. Even though it isn't technically a fake (not marketed as Zagliani, no Zagliani name) . . . Has anyone else ever purchased a "similar to" bag? Should I be totally ashamed?

  2. I thought you were feeling guilty about having a python bag for animal welfare reasons when I read your title.:lol:

    No, there's nothing wrong with having an "inspired" bag. I think many designers steal ideas from each other. It isn't a fake since they aren't trying to pass it off as the original designer. Enjoy it!

  3. haha, i was thinking the same thing!

    I personally don't like inspired bags BUT it is absolutley fine if you feel happy with it - its not a fake so there's no problem :smile: Enjoy!
  4. Gorgeous bag, love that shape!
  5. i like the bag.. cute color.
  6. Awesome color Rhonda! Such a deep and rich looking red.
  7. Well, it's supposed to be genuine python infused with silicone to make the skins softer. I wouldn't have even known it was imitative of the Zagliani if I weren't a member of this forum, and I doubt that anyone I know will know. Let's just say I don't know anyone else who is into handbags like we all are.

    I'll post a photo when it arrives so we can see how it looks in person.
  8. cant wait to see it! i hope its even better in person..
  9. I see nothing wrong with designer inspired bags, enjoy!

  10. It's GORGEOUS! Nothing wrong with designer inspiration -- you did good!
  11. Very nice. Did you cancel the other python bag?
  12. I would not know a Zagliani unless it was handed to me with a label, so I think you made a great choice! Hope it meets your expectations...I know how that is with stuff on eBay.
  13. Great color.No, don't feel guilty, you saved a python!:graucho:
  14. Well, since it's supposed to be genuine python . . . I guess I actually murdered one or two. Or three. But I wear leather, so . . .

    And, no, I didn't cancel the D'Angel Tia in natural. I am justifying my bad behavior by consoling myself with the thought that I sold four bags this week.
  15. is it just me, or does anyone ever think, pythons are snakes, and better the snake is the goner than me? :smile: hee hee. Ok, I'm sure I have outraged some activists out there, but here's my ignorant question: Are people against python for the python's sake or for the workers related to the industry that have to capture the pythons and put themselves at risk? THEN I would feel bad about python.

    However, back to the point, lovely bag and can't wait to see pics of the real thing!!!