should i feel guilty or proud?

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  1. Please help me, i've been using my gucci belt bag for ages, but recently, i feel guilty whenever i use it. i don't know why? perhaps i spend too much on the bag, as i realize i have a low income. i bought it last summer, n that is the time when i earn much $$ from my part time job and now i almost ran out of money. Now i don't have a strong financial support. i feel guilty, for spending too much money on my Guccis and my LV messenger belt bag last summer. What i suppose to do? should i keep this feeling bothering me or.. what should i do? people, help me please. do you guys ever experience this before? please give me suggestions.... i need it very very much.

    thanx very much for your suggestion.
  2. I'm so sorry for your internal conflict... I'm sure many of us have been there at some point or another! If you feel badly about using it every single time, then maybe you could consider selling the Gucci Belt bag, and using the extra money for something else (household stuff, bills, etc.). You bought it when you were in a position to be able to buy it, through hard work etc., but you're feeling guilty because you couldn't do that now, right? Well, I really think that for every "low" in life, there is, or will be, a corresponding "high," so I'm sure that you will be in a better position soon. :smile: Otherwise, maybe you would consider selling the item(s) you don't use as much as the belt bag, like the LV you mentioned, etc. Good luck, and I really hope you are able to find a solution that fits you and your life best! :smile:

  3. I think unless you are in a very established point in your life, everyone goes through changes like this. I personally had a period where I spent a lot of money on very good furniture while I was doing well, then later had to put it all in storage and stay with my mother for a few months! I don't regret keeping my good furniture, though, because once I got back on my feet, I didn't have to "start over" and spend that money all over again. I wouldn't recommend selling your bags.... even if you have to put them away for a while until you're in a better position to wear them without feeling guilty. It may take a couple months, but focus on your finances for now, and when you're in control again, you'll have those bags there waiting for you, and won't HAVE to spend that money again.

    Just give it a little time, and good luck!
  4. Depending how guilty and how much you not enjoying your bags your are. I would maybe try to see if you could sell them for a decent price that it makes it worth it for you to sell them. If you are not able to get much for them then I say just hold on to them until you are in a better place in life when you can enjoy them to the fullest. if you do sell them you can always re-buy them when you can enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed and loved. I think everyone buys things and then looks back and thinks why did I buy "that" I could have bought "this" instead.
  5. That happens to me too....I'm only a student and I don't use my designer bags too often..I just love to look and feel them.(kinda silly)..
  6. That happens to me often too and i dont use my designer bags too much either, much as i love them im trying to preserve them and use the off brand ones. But then i know how you feel you got this great bag and you want to carry it all the time too.
  7. If you are in a position where you need the money, then you may want to sell them, but if not, I would just put them to the side for awhile until you feel better. I understand the feeling though. I have sometimes felt guilty for the stuff I have because of all the hardship there is in the world, but then I remember that I don't blow my money either. If you can afford it and you are not spending unwisely, I would not worry about it. My father always said, "You make money to spend it, so enjoy it." - That being send, you have spend AND save wisely.
  8. I think you should feel proud... You bought it at a time when you could afford so wear it proudly
  9. My dad said similar thing, he said " you spend money so you can make more...":p :p :p
  10. Selling it may be an option (which I have considered before) but I have always found that you tend to lose too much money and it isn't worth it. I'm a student so I know what it is to be tight with money. I reckon you should hold on. Unless you can sell the bags or a bag for close to what you paid for it. I find that the easiest thing to do is to hand my credit card over to my partner, eat in all the time and not go near shopping centres. The lesser temptation the better.

    Give us an update on how you're going down the track sweetie....
  11. personally .. i make decent money. i'm an independent hair stylist though .. which means, i have amazing weeks (or days!) .. and then not so great weeks (days!) .. so of course, what ends up happening is i have great week and end up purchasing a pricey bag .. and then the next week not have a great week at work, so of course i stress about money .. but ultimatetly, my philosophy is .. money is just money .. you should just enjoy life and enjoy your money while u can, 'cause u just never know what will happen .. and fortunately for me, the whole money "situation" has just always worked itself out .. and i truly believe that it will for you too.. so i wouldn't stress about your purchase(s) .. why dwell on the past? .. just maybe not buy anything this moment .. but everything, im sure will end up working out, but the past is the past and focus on the future, girl =)