Should I Feel Guilty About GH?

  1. I have in my possession about 7 BBags. I can only keep two. These will be my first BBags. Should I feel guilty keeping two GH. That would mean I would have no regular hardware bags. Isn't the RH more classic? Will it stand the test of time better then GH? Help me!!
  2. You should keep what you like best. It doesn't matter what others deem more classic or long-term. Its all a matter of preference. Besides, after a few years if you do get tired of the GH, it won't be hard to sell them and get something else.
  3. I agree with circoit should keep the ones you love the most... RH or GH should not matter so much. Its a matter or preference... after all despite the hardware, it is still a Balenciaga.
  4. It looks as if the GH is here to stay and as circoit says it is always better to keep the ones you're happy with. Bbags , generally, tend to keep their value so you would be able to swap back to a RH later, if you change your mind. I love RH and GH and I think they'll both be classic bags of the future.
  5. ITA with the others... you should definitely keep what you LOVE rather than base it on which will be "IN"... if you love it... then it's a classic... I love both hardwares and I personally think that the GH will stand the test of time...

  6. I only have 2 b-bags... BOTH have GH! I was just drawn to those particular colors/styles with that hardware!! So... go with whatever you are drawn to the most!:heart:
  7. personally in my own humble opinion...i think that the RH will stand the test of time longer since it was around longer and has proved its desirability.... but in your heart you know which ones you love the most.

    And i feel that RH will always be around, so you can always get one later....!
  8. Whatever you love.
  9. Like the others have said - keep what you love and don't worry about anything or anyone else.
  10. Go with your GUT feeling. Tho we may all offer advice, but eventually your heart will win out. If u don't feel so committed with something but force yourself to believe it, your inner self will eventually surface, and then u might end up regretful.

    GOOD LUCK in your decision! :smile:
  11. It's all about :love: like everyone is saying.. keep what you know you will use and treasure everyday!!

    And keep us posted on which you decide upon!!
  12. not at all! I think it depends on the bag which looks better. To me Days look best either with RH or GH, City RH all the way, Work I like GH
  13. I'm jumping on the band wagon... keep the ones that you LOVE :heart: . Longivity is better measured by your own gage of :heart: rather than the seasonal "in" and "outs".
  14. I think GH is pretty. Your bag will really stand out. Which 2 GH bag are you planning to keep? I agree with Bruettetiger that some bags look better with GH (ie. Day) & work & city looks better with RH. Keep in mind that GH will increase the weight of the bag, but keep that bags that you love the most.
  15. If you have to cut back (let's face it, we've all had to do it at some stage!) you should keep one RH & one GH - just to be safe!