Should I feel disgusted??

  1. So a topic came up the other day amongst my girlfriends and I over drinks about designer goods and how people could possibly afford them. I for one have sold a few of my bags in order to pay for tuition. And then came a group of girls who were clad in gucci, chanel, and louis vuitton from head to toe. I whispered to my lady friends and wondered how they could have possibly afforded to pay for such things, as they all looked no older than 20. My friends seemed to have been acquainted with them, so they told me that their boyfriends were drug dealers. Paying for luxury items with drug money!! I felt sick and dizzy. To make matters even worse, they looked at me and asked why I was so shocked, because they thought that that was how I got my bags!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? they thought that all this time I have spent busting my butt over waiting tables and tutoring that some drug dealer sugar daddy was paying for my things. Now everywhere I go, I see drug dealers and their girlfriends flaunting luxury goods that have pretty much been STOLEN. What I mean by stolen is that they pay for their habits with other people's money that they pay in taxes for the homeless, and in turn, the homeless use their government cheques to buy the drugs. I feel sick just thinking about it..
  2. There was an article a little while back about teen girls in a certain country that they would hook for designer bags, namely LV.
  3. I can't believe the lengths that people would go. And it makes me feel like my products diminish in value with how dishonest people can be just to acquire a wealth status.
  4. Could you give us more information about government checks for the homeless? I know that those who do volunteer work for non-profits who help the homeless would appreciate any information that might be available about this program.

    I can't really comment on questions of belief regarding homeless people spending such checks on drugs, but since a really large percentage of homeless are children, and their mothers, it would be great if you could tell us more about this wonderful program!

  5. I'm not sure if it is the same in between Canada and the US, but the government taxes each Canadian in order for us to fund for the those who do not make enough money. Welfare cheques, etc. However, a great number of the homeless in Calgary are in such a state due to their dangerously addictive habits. There is a shelter downtown Calgary where the homeless live, but if you drive close enough to it, you see countless numbers of them doing drugs around the corner and even people who drive up to the corners to pick them up and sell them the drugs and drop them off. When my mom used to volunteer at the homeless shelter, she would tell me that a great number of the homeless people there do get money from the government for sustenance, but that they are so addicted that they will spend an entire month's cheque on getting high for a couple of days.

    It's so sad and makes my stomache turn :sad:
  6. I am sorry, I did not notice that you were in Canada, which does have some very dramatic differences from the US in terms of social programs in general.

    For instance, in Canada, medical treatment is not even a commercial product!

    Forgive my hastiness, I was so excited to think that maybe there was some little-known program in the US to help the growing number of homeless, especially families with children, that I did not even look at the "Calgary!"
  7. maybe find some people that do not associate your belongings with drug money? (or know anyone who is into that...).

    I feel for you, it is really extreme to assume you got your hard-earned items through a sugar daddy....sorry but weird.
  8. The lengths girls will go to get nice things.
    Not that we all haven't done something to get what we wanted because I know I sure have but still..
  9. Well, to each their own.
  10. LOL...big deal.
  11. ? It is a pretty big deal to me.
    It's like saying to a person's face who has worked hard for everything that they've ever owned "Hey, you didn't earn any of that, because all these little girls who wear the same stuff you do get all their stuff from illegal stuff, so you MUST be in on it too"
  12. Oh it's quite alright. I agree Canada has its perks with the whole social program platform, but at the same time it has its pitfalls..
  13. I would be upset if my friends assumed I got my bags from drug money. They should know you better than that!
  14. True. It's like a slap in the face.
  15. It's their business. I wouldn't get too worked up about it. ;)