should i feel bad about exchanging my decolletes?

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  1. hi! i bought my second pair of cl yesterday. decollette in black kid. i love them but the left is a bit tight. not outrageously so but i am worried it will hurt after hours of wear. i have the decollete in nude patent in the same size and they are fine. however the nude ones are not platform and my new ones are. my right foot is just perfect so i can't go up even a half size my right foot would fall out. do you think i could go see if they have another 40 and it might fit better or are they all the same? or will they stretch a bit? i just feel bad because when i got my nude ones at the same store i exchanged them too .they were a 39.5 and i realized i need a 40.
  2. Bear in mind that kid will stretch quite a bit, far more than patent. But trust me when I say that no store selling CLs will be surprised by returns on basis of size :nogood:. Just make sure you get the shoe you're comfortable with :yes:
  3. if it will stretch maybe i should just keep them. thanks so much!
  4. Kidskin will definitely stretch and others have indicated that it took a few wearings before their decolletes were broken in. I just received my first pair, so I can't give you my personal breaking in experience. If your right foot is perfect, it sounds like your left foot is the larger one, but once you break them it they should fit fine.
  5. It sounds like you could allow them to stretch.
    You can even have it done professionally if you don't want to endure the pain.... :heart:
  6. I purchased a pair of Declics recently. After a few times wearing them out they stretched on me. I had to buy foot petals for the heels to prevent my heels from slipping out... they're fine now but I'm definitely buying slightly too tight heels in the kid in the future.
  7. I don't think it's a big deal at all if you exchange them. The cost of Louboutins is not a joke. LOL

    But, if they are kid, like everybody else has said, they will stretch w/ wear so I think you should try stretching them and they will be just perfect. Congrats on a beautiful pair!
  8. Hmmmm im having a similar promblem i got the decollettes it was either a lil snug or lil loose!! i got the bigger pair and every time i go to put them on they slip out so now they are waiting and sitting by the door to return!! it know its hard but if you dont think youll wear them then return them!!
  9. thanks so much everyone i went to the store and tried on the next size it was too big i think they will stretch and be fine. im in love with my new shoes!!!! im a louboutin shoe addict now. i used to come on the forum to read about bags and now i dont even go anywhere else. straight to this subforum!!
  10. Welcome to the party :party:
    Make sure you post pics of your new shoes :yes: