Should I feel any regret???

  1. Ok, so about 2 months back I bought my beautiful mono koala wallet and I seriously adore it!! It's just so practical and handy, and the golden clasp is so shiny and eye-catching! that the Groom collection is out and I've taken a look at pics of the pochette portemonnaie carte de crédit (the one with the gorgeous red lining), I kinda regret not having waited and being able to get a limited edition purse...:cry: According to the French Vuitton site the price is also the same!

    What do you think....? Are my feelings of regret justified or should I be happy with my mono koala?
  2. Hmm, that's a tough one. Some people get a limited edition piece just because it is limited or to sell it. If you really adore your mono koala (and it is lovely), I wouldn't regret it. If you like the groom version better, and don't want both, I'd get the groom one and sell the koala wallet. They are popular on ebay I think. I would do what you want, limited or not :smile:
  3. add the groom one to ur collection!!! i have a damier koala wallet and had a the newest gucci wallet before that..couldn't justify for the price of the koala wallet (nearly equals a speedy or pap!)...sold the gucci and got the koala wallet...u should keep ur koala wallet! u must have bought it because you liked it!
  4.'s really up to you to decide if you regret it or not.

    If you find you like the new line better then maybe try selling your old one on ebay or something? But if the thought of parting with your koala makes you teary eyed then you've got your answer!!
  5. Yup, I bought the koala because I really really liked it and also becoz it went with my new manhattan GM!! I would love to get the Groom but won't be able to coz I have a lot of expenditure for my new baby boy who will be born in a couple of weeks :yahoo:
  6. There will always be newer and shinier things just around the corner; that's simply life and Vuitton. LOL

    That said, only you can answer the question are you happy with the Koala. If you aren't, then perhaps you can sell it and purchase a Groom item. :flowers:

    Regret can be a serious waste of time in my experience. ;)
  7. There are no right or wrong answers here, feelings are feelings, and I think most of us can relate to what you are going through.
  8. You're all right, there is no right or wrong answer towards feelings.. I am def. happy with my koala, it's just that sometimes I'm thinking 'hey, pity, you could've gotten that LE purse had you been a lil' patient'. But then again, back then I had no clue as to what Groom was or would look like.. And true, there will always be new and nicer things coming out, so the list of things to want or wish for can be never-ending!
  9. I love the koala wallet! Not so sure about the groom. I know I won't think much about it if it is not limited. :P Anyway, it might grow on me later on. Right now, I prefer the koala wallet.
  10. The Groom is very cute but I think the Koala is a keeper.
  11. Would you like it if it is not limited edition? There will always be something new and limited with LV every year. So if you don't really love this piece, wait until next year and enjoy your Koala now.
  12. Now that's a very good question! Hmmm....say it weren't limited, then I'd probably think twice about buying it. It doesn't have the shiny gold hardware like the koala, and latter is also nice 'n compact whereas the pochette is longer. The koala is also more classic but still fresh at the same time. The Groom is cute and special... Well I'm def keeping my koala though!
  13. i think the damier koala wallet is gorgeous! i'll die to have one. it looks really classic too. something that can last a long time.
  14. I think the groom and the koala are both nice choices!! I would have hard time choosing between them!
  15. I just got the pouchette wallet and I love best LV purchase to date...go for it!!!