Should I exchange?

  1. So I bought a pair of Aldo heels today. But now that I'm trying them on at home, I realise they are a little too big as they slip off my feet at times. It's about a finger's width too big. I'm a size 37.5 but I bought size 38. Since Aldo does not carry half-sizes, should I exchange them for size 37 instead? Well, I briefly tried on the display piece which was a 37 but I can't quite squeeze my foot in. However, I really hate that the 38s slip off so do you think I should bear the pain and go with 37?

    I combed through the forum and I read that perhaps having inserts in the shoes will do. I don't mind this option but I'm afraid it won't do in the long run if the shoes stretch. Mine's patent leather by the way. So ladies, what should I do? Exchange or just buy inserts?
  2. what I usually do is..I would get tip toe from foot petals(Nordstroms carry them) and insert them to make the shoes feel a little tighter....once the shoes stretch a little and my heels start to slip off, then I get heel pads.....

    you know there are sometimes shoes that you absolutely wanna get but are sold out in your size....that's when I use the trick of adding foot petals!
  3. Do you really love the shoes that you can't live without it? If so, then buy the inserts. To me, I'd rather have inserts than be in pain.
  4. I went back today and thank god they gave me inserts! Now it fits better but a tad tight! I'm happy though. :smile: Thanks anyway for you ladies' input!