Should I exchange twice emp RB color with new Azur croisette

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  1. I just bought twice emp. RB color this weekend. I haven't used it yet. Then I saw reveal of the new Azur croisette bag. I always like Azur patten. It looks very cute and fresh and this bag seems bigger than twice? I am looking for a small but not too small crossbody bag (I have Eva already which I love) for spring/summer. I also have Cluny bb EPI so do you think Croisette looks kind of similar as Cluny? On the other hand twice emp. leather is very nice and I love the RB color. Orinally I was going to get favorite MM in Azur but I bought twice instead since it is all leather and more secure compared to favorite. Which one is cuter and could fit more stuff? I am going to use this bag weekend when I take out my kid or traveling. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. I can't speak to the Croisette, but I find my Twice Empreinte (taupe) bag very practical for daily use and travel. The Croisette is super cute and on trend!
  3. Thank you. That's my dilemma right now. Croisette is so cute but I am not sure about that lock. I love emp leather especially on RB color.
  4. I've seen the Croisette and I think it's really pretty and cute. However the twice definitely fits more than the Croisette and easier to maintain since it doesn't have vachetta leather.
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    I have both and they both fit exactly the same amount but the Croisette holding more comfortably. The Croisette is bigger than people think. Both bags are the same measurements with the Croisette actually bigger in depth. And as far as the lock closure of the Croisette mine is smooth and works seamlessly as does my Pouchette Metis.
  6. Thank you CornishMon! I just replied in your reveal post. It was actually your reveal made me think if I should exchange. :P Do you use your twice often? Which bag is lighter between twice and Croisette? I have a toddler I still need to carry some time so I need a small and practical crossbody bag for spring/summer but still cute hopefully. Also I am 5'7, do you think strap on Croisette will be comfy for me to wear crossbody? The strap on twice is very comfortable to wear crossbody. Do you feel the handle on Croisette gets in the way some time when you wear crossbody? I don't wear my Cluny bb crossbody enough because I feel handle kind of gets in the way. Thanks!

  7. Well my dear I'm 5'2 and the cross body is perfect for my torso. Hmmm 5'7 it will definitely be short. The twice with the seven holes may work better for you. Both bags are probably about the same weight. The strap on the Croisette is wider so it is more comfortable to me than the Twice. The handle is a love hate relationship that you either have to get used to or not. If the handle bothers you on the Cluny then the same will go for the Croisette. Also pardon me for saying but an Azur bag and a toddler in my opinion do not go together. The twice is probably the better choice it sounds like here. As far as which bag I use more I have the Twice in Mono and Noir and the Croisette is Azur so they have totally different uses. I hope this helps you.
  8. I tried the Croisette in store and happened to have my Twinset with me. I tried putting my items from one bag into the other but they did not fit. I suppose it depends on the items but I was surprised since the Twinset is so flat. I wish the Croisette was just one inch bigger in any direction. It is so cute I really wanted it to work.
  9. Really? That surprised me. From the picture and measurement, Croisette seems bigger. I was hoping Croisette will hold more stuff. Twice is very flat. I was not expecting twice holds my daily stuff but it does. It holds key, I phone, wallet, tissues and my sunglasses without the case. It could definitely fit more stuff.
  10. Thank you so much! I am leaning towards more of keeping twice now.
  11. I could fit everything in the Croisette except my sunglasses which are in a cloth drawstring pouch. The Twinset holds more but it is more pliable and 'gives' if you know what I mean. I have an Alma BB which holds about the same as Twinset. I also have the Pochette Metis, which is much bigger capacity than these others. I was waiting for the Croisette since the picture came out and was hoping it would be comparable to the PM. I was disappointed. I want an Azur bag. I sold my only one last year.
  12. I'm 5'7" and the croisette worked just fine as a crossbody on me. But I found it to be too small to fit my necessities (I also found the twice to be a bit too small, as well).
  13. I know what you mean about Twice. My hubby said It doesn't look nice when twice is over stuffed. So I was hoping Croisette would fit more things comfortbaly. I used to have Saleya MM and speedy 30 in Azur. I sold both bags too so I don't have any other Azur bag. But I don't own emp. bag as well and I feel twice is reasonably priced also practical. I am still hesitated but more leaning towards to keep twice now.

  14. I think speedy b 25 will probably fit your need or the new emp. crossbody bag. I have Cluny bb which fits more than twice for sure. I am looking for a crossbody bag bigger than Eva but not too big like speedy 25 b. I think both twice and Croisette look so cute but I have paid the price before buying and selling bag which I don't really use. So now I am careful to make a decision. :P
  15. Never mind my recommendation. I saw your great reveal for alma bb. very cute and pretty color for summer!
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