Should I exchange this Miu Miu Satchel?

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  1. So my boss bought me this bag for Christmas for "all of my hard work" and it's not really me. She has impeccable taste and a great eye -- i mean a really great eye. I like it, but i don't love it.

    She said i can take it back to Saks and choose another bag if i don't LOVE it. What do you think?

    In the picture it's brown, but the one she bought me is black. It's called the Miu Miu Calf Leather Drawstring Satchel


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  2. Ohh I love this bag!!! It is beautiful and practical IMO. But it depends on what you like and what you want! :yes:
  3. Wow - that is a great bag!

    I agree with Megs - get something that you love.

    I know your boss said you could exchange it - but do you think it might still hurt her feelings if you do get another bag?
  4. I like it b/c it's not SO obvious. I have a feeling if i exchanged it for something more "it" -- I would regret that in end. Plus, i haven't seen anyone with this bag.

    But again, I do not LOVE it -- but could i grow to love it? Does that happen or is falling in love with a bag instant?

    I think she would feel a little hurt. But, she did spend a lot of money on a gift that i would love. I have a feeling she'd get over it. Besides, i work my ass off for her!
  5. i like it except for the grommet. IF you dont think shed be hurt if you got a different bag and you have another bag in mind, then id say go for it.

    have you used it yet? maybe you'll grow to like it and love it :yes: (i personally must love it at the start)
  6. I love it.Personally Id keep it and wear it so you dont offend her.
  7. I would keep it, beautiful bag. However, in the end you have to be happy. Just make sure it doesn't hurt her feelings if you return it. Good luck with your choice.
  8. I think it's a lovely bag! However, if you are not really loving it you should exchange it for something that really speaks to you.
  9. some bags take time to grown on you. some bags are instant love. some are instant attraction, and after awhile you thought what was i thinking. if you have some time to think about it, maybe you should leave it in one corner of a room and take a look at it once in awhile. by end of week if you are still in doubt then maybe it is not one for you. i personally like this more than any of the miu miu satchels i have seen so far.
  10. i LOVE that bag. your boss got good taste :P
    but if it's not you... maybe you can change it!
  11. OMG I LOVE that bag! It's soooooo classy..I wish your boss was MY boss!!! Personally I wouldn't return it..I would be too nerved out that I would offend her..but then again it's easy for me to say b/c I LOVE the bag!! What other bag would you have in mind? :heart: Emmy
  12. The bag is lovely but get what you love.
  13. She's your boss and it's very flattering that she would buy such an expensive bag for you. I think you should keep it. I actually like the bag and I do think that you can start liking a bag once you start using it. You might offend her if you return it and she'll be scared to buy you gifts in the future.
  14. i would keep it, it is classic and gorgeous!!!
  15. I'm keeping it!
    Last night i made the pilgrimage from Bloomies to Bendels -- then from Saks to Bergdorf's -- landing safely at Barney's. (BTW the crowds were insane!)

    I searched and searched and I have to admit my boss was right. This is a really great bag. I didn't find anything I would like more and now I am in LOVE.

    Thanks everyone for the great i see the light!