should I exchange this bag???

  1. I just got the BH and now I keep thinking about exchanging it for the petite mono Noe? I keep going back and forth with this......any thoughts???????????:confused1: thanks!!!!
  2. imo, i wouldn't bc BH is a truly gorgeous bag, its too beautiful to return
  3. Why? Is there something that you don't like about the BH. Or, do you think you would like the Noe better? Maybe you should try to go to the boutique to try on tne Petite Noe. If you like it better, then I would exchange it.

    LV is too expensive to keep some you're not happy with. :yes:
  4. keep the BH.
    it was your first insticnt and is gorgeous and quite a nice look.

    (or, keep it AND get the other...he he he he):p
  5. well..I love both bags..I prefer noe with nice patina already instead of with pale vachetta. I think you should keep BH and get Noe one later one. Brand new noe drawstring seems bit stiff IMO
  6. love bh, keep it.
  7. ITA
  8. ITA! I know that everyone loves the BH, but is there really something you don't like about it? Do you feel it was an impulse buy? Honestly, you don't have to love the bag because everybody else does (there are a couple pfers who don't prefer the BH, and I'm one of them :shame: ).

    I also agree with what tauketula says: try out the Petit Noe before you take the plunge and get it. Petit Noes hold a lot, but not as much as the BH, and it's not a bag that everybody likes (kinda unpopular IRL, I might add).
  9. I agree with bernz--get and keep and enjoy what you love!
    Why are you having second thoughts about the BH?
    Maybe that will help us help you decide if the Petit Noe would be a better option....
  10. I actually like both. I decided on the BH, because I thought the drawstrings would bug me. But after I got the BH home, I keep thinking if I made the right decision. I think the BH looks kinda stiff and the straps keep falling off my shoulder, but maybe it will be better once it gets broken in and the patina starts happening. I'll probably keep it and get the NOE later, it would be great to have both, since they are such different bags. I think I always over think my bag purchases too much. I should just use it and enjoy it, instead of analizing it so much and thinking if I should have gotten a different one instead! LOL :shame:
  11. That's actually a problem with some pfers about this bag (actually a lot of bags with double straps tend to do this). Enjoy the BH now and if you still want the noe, it'll always be there...;)
  12. Please do not regret your purchase. In my opinion the BH is much nicer and you will get more use out of it. The BH on my wish list!
    If you are really unsure, go back in the store and re-assure yourself. Play with both and you will see what u like better. Good luck!
  13. I say keep the BH, it's a beautiful bag and I think that in a few weeks once it has begun to wear in a little, it will stay on your shoulder better. I had that problem when I got my mono Bucket but after a while it stayed snugly. :smile: You can always get a Noe in the future!
  14. Keep the BH!
  15. OK, I get it. I could not get those double handles to stay on my shoulders either.
    Hopefully the handles will give a bit and so will the canvas, and you will be happier.
    But, if you are not thrilled, I still recommend going back as ws32tl05 said and playing some more.....