Should i exchange the large (med) caviar flap for the jumbo? please help!

  1. As some of you girls may have read I recently got a new large caviar flap...

    i lovee it! but I am worried it's just to small for me.

    I want to use it more for everyday, but also night and i think the large does that, but it's just a bit too small for everyday.

    Problem is i like the look of the large more, but the functionality of the jumbo..

    What do i do!? Exchange or keep?

    Will i ever be happy... *how dramatic of me!* hehe:sweatdrop:
  2. i think you shld keep the medium. it's gonna be a wardrobe staple, i don't know about you but if i were you, i'd buy both (that's if you're financially able). if not, return the medium and exchange for a jumbo. there's gonna be a dramatic 20% price increase by 1st nov on all classics, so i think you should get your hands on them now if you can!

    i love my ivory medium flap, but i find it too small yet it really looks fab and just right for me. i might get the jumbo but i'm not sure if i'll ever pull it off as well. i always love the classic flaps, i just can't get one now, i feel like crap!
  3. can't afford both! just the one (for a very long time...) am thinking IF i get the jumbo - i'll get a med off white caviar with silver h/w down the track...
  4. okay, now this is not THAT hard. imho, i always choose function over form, practicality always comes first! you have to understand that the classic flaps are very structured bags, unlike the cabas, so they tend to be 'less roomy' unless you're looking at a jumbo, which imo, is a fab every-day bag!

    i think you should get a jumbo with bijoux (new) chain or a silver h/w one. gold h/w is just too much for everyday i think, and you might get sick of it!


    psstt.. what color are you thinkin of?
  5. ^^ yes whatever it is it will be the black with gold h/w... i'm not one for caring much about over the topness during the day - i like to wear alot of gold jewelry and bling hehe

    So if i get the jumbo - it will be the same black and gold combo...
  6. ^ oh then that shld be fine! i love both silver and gold h/w but gold h/w is a little more dressier to me... hehe. but i love them still nonetheless!

    good luck dear! tell us your decision and post piccies! xoxo
  7. i have both the medium and jumbo. i never thought i loved the jumbo cos it looked out of size/shape but now i love it.

    if you hold alots i will say go for the jumbo. the medium is nice especially when you are wearing it with single chain.

    good luck with your choice.

    for now i'll say go for jumbo because of its practicality
  8. Thanks kaka! That's great since you have both....

    I love the med & single chain look... it just looks so pretty like that.. but jumbo is more practical

    just wish i could buy both hehe
  9. I would exchange for the jumbo. I have the medium/large and while I love the look, I don't use it because it's so small.
  10. It is SUCH a dilemma! I also prefer the look of the medium but the roomieness of the jumbo. Chanel should make something in betweeen for you and me! :roflmfao:
  11. Hmm I know what you mean, I finally took my medium flap out for the first time yesterday and could not fit much, but I definitely prefer the look of the medium over the jumbo. Since I really don't like how the jumbo looks on me, I'm just going to find a way to make the medium work.
  12. I would switch to a larger one especially if you plan to use it everyday purposes. I just got the medium flap and I can't even fit my wallet in there...but I am keeping it because I feel like its one of the most classic bags out there. But if you HAVE to have an everyday bag now, definitely switch it before the price increase.
  13. So Chanel makes a medium and jumbo flap... whatever happened to a large:confused1: Did they skip right over that size and only make a jumbo? Seems silly to me :shrugs:
  14. ^ Actually, the medium is also sometimes referred to as the large. :smile: There is no flap size in between the medium/large and Jumbo, but it would be amazing if Chanel came out with one in between the two (maybe sized like the diamond shine flaps)!! :heart: