Should I exchange my Pomme Roxbury for the Aurelia MM?

  1. I got my Roxbury 2 and a half weeks ago, and I still haven't used it yet. I'm starting to question how much use I'm going to get out of it. I've been looking for a tote bag, and on Wednesday I tried on the White Aurelia MM and it looked good. While I do think the Roxbury is gorgeous, I think I would get more use out of the Aurelia.

    Heres me with the Roxbury:

    Hand held:

    Side view:

    On the shoulder:

  2. noooooooo!!!!!!!! keep it :biggrin: it's so gorgeous and if i can't have it, i want others to enjoy it for me..... seriously though, if you are having doubts, you are probably better off with the aurelia. :biggrin:
  3. What does the Aurelia MM looks like? Personally, I really admire the roxbury because it's pomme and it's so pretty! But if you think you'll get more use out of the other bag, then by all means exchange it. It's your bag and you're the one who will be carrying it. You should be happy about all your purchases, especially if it's LV.
  4. If you think you will use the Aurelia MM more then exchange it:yes:
  5. YES! MC!!!!! exchange it! :biggrin:
  6. Ooh I like your rox! Just buy Aurelia if you love it, too but don't exchange your rox
  7. I tried on the Aurelia MM today and LOVEEEE's definitely very practical, although still TOO big for me!!! I am such a small bag girl. The Roxbury is gorgeous...but yeah, not very practical for you. Seems like you're more of a bigger bag person :smile:
  8. What makes it seem that? :p Just wondering. :smile:

    What colour did you try today? I didn't get a chance to try the black.
  9. I would exchange it and get the Aurelia MM. :drool:
  10. Well, you exchanged the Miroir pochette for the Roxbury, now you found something else you like better. By all means, if it'll make you happier and you'll get more use out of something else, exchange it.
  11. Well, didn't you want to get the BV? :shrugs: That is a pretty big bag. And if you think the BV is good and you can handle using a Babylone...yeah, it just seems to me you're more a bigger bag person :smile: To me, anything bigger than a pochette is a big bag.

    I tried on both the white and the black today, plus a couple of other MC bags. The Aurelia in white MC is gorgeous...but so is the black. The colours seem to pop out more on the black though.
  12. I don't even consider the pochette a bag, I consider it an accessory lol. :lol: I use my epi pochette as just a pouch to go inside my Speedy 30. ;)

    Yes, I did try on the BV but then decided I didn't want another monogram. Then I tried on the white Aurelia MM and it looked good. Even my SA was saying that this bag suited me the best out of all the ones I tried on.

    So you don't plan on getting the Aurelia anymore?
  13. Exactly ;) To me, a pochette is a BAG! LOL.

    I doubt I will be getting the Aurelia...unless during the summer I do manage to make a LOT of money and have a bit to spare.

    I was looking at the inside of the bag and thinking of what I could put inside it, and I couldn't get past cell phone, wallet, gloves, sunglasses, and my small products (lipgloss, eye drops, compact, etc) in a Coach wristlet...oh and my iPod too. Yeah, those things inside the Aurelia MM would leave TONS of room...:rolleyes:

    So nope...I MAY get the Eliza...but that's if I can get over the vachetta corners.
  14. How about a light sweater or jacket in the summer? Thats what I planned to do! So I don't have to hand carry my jacket in the summer.