Should I exchange my NF for Totally MM?

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  1. Neverfull looks better.
  2. You are so right Miss Krys! I noticed the RB NF shows "Call for availability" on LV website. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for your great input historygal! I'm going to try on my NF again and see how I like it ;)
  4. You are absolutely right, I was so in love with the RB NF and couldn't WAIT to get it! I was super happy that it was Made in Spain too. Thank you Aliluvlv!:smile:

  5. Thank you Dawn!! True, maybe I need to have a lil variety in my collection.:smile:

  6. Thank you edsltan! It's definitely stylish! ;)
  7. You cant find the neverfull in other contemporary designers unlike the totally. Michael Kors has a similar version of it. Besides, its a limited edition neverfull and so pretty. Its definitely for keeps.
  8. Love the NF - don't care for the Totally. My vote is NF unless you're just dying for a Totally...
  9. NF! I'm not a big fan of the Totally.
  10. Excellent point edsltan!! Thanks again!!:ghi5:
  11. Thank you miacostigan! I was dying for a NF (this is my one and only) but not dying for the monogram Totally like I was for the DE Totally. lol!;)

  12. Thank you Sparklett22!! :smile:
  13. Thank you so much everyone, you all are awesome! I made up my mind and decided to keep my Neverfull MM! I have a feeling I will regret letting her go! Thanks again! :tpfrox::ty:
  14. Enjoy it & congratulations! It's such a beautiful color combination
  15. Keep the NF for diversity - edit - I see you already decided too :smile: