Should I exchange my NF for Totally MM?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I just got the mono NF MM (Rose ballerine interior) and love it BUT I'm wondering if I should exchange it for the mono Totally MM before it gets discontinued (I own the DE Totally and love it too).

    I wish I could have both but not this time! lol

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. If you love the neverfull I would keep the neverfull!
  3. I hated my Totally and love my NF, so I say no.
  4. I had a Mono NF GM and I didn't find it to be that comfortable, I have since sold it. I have the Totally MM in DE and I am loving it, much more comfortable straps IMO.

    I think it depends on your needs. Do the pockets and zipper come in handy for you?
  5. Thanks koprincess! The problem is I love both! lol :smile:
  6. Thanks mrsinsyder! I wish I could keep both, both bags are so functional!
  7. I vote for NF since you already own DE Totally :smile:
  8. Thanks KM7029! Yes, the pockets and zipper come in handy especially when I have my three kiddos with me.

  9. Thanks pingko! That ran through my mind too!
  10. I would exchange for the totally while you can get it. Great bag. I own totally bags and neverfull bags. I find the straps on the trally more comfortable. I like Neverfulls that are a little different so I usually buy summer editions. You can always find Neverfulls preloved too. :smile: good luck deciding:smile:
  11. It's such a tough decision, they're both great bags! That's a good point about buying a preloved Neverfull later. Thank you Meesh202! :smile:
  12. It's a tough choice but I vote that you keep the NF since you already have and love it. If you were to exchange it for the Totally then there could be a chance of the NF with the RB interior being discontinued before you were able to buy it again.
  13. Both of these are great bags IMO, and you may want to have both in your collection some day. If you love the RB interior of the Neverfull, I would keep that one for now. The mono Totally has been around for a long time, and will probably pop up more frequently on the preloved market in the future than the color lining of your choice of a Neverfull if you are open to preloved bags.

    If you are just so so about the RB color, I would go for the Totally. There will always be other lining colors of the Neverfull, and LV doesn't seem to be abandoning pink shades anytime soon.
  14. I agree! Stick with your gut which led u to purchase the NF rb in the first place. More exciting having a variety of bags, even if the totally remains your favorite.
  15. I'd keep the NF since you already have the Totally DE :yes: