Should I exchange my Neverfull PM for a MM?


Should I exchange my Neverfull PM for a MM?

  1. Keep it, it fits well on you

  2. Get the bigger size. When you get older, you can put more stuff into it, etc., etc.,

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  1. Hi guys

    I havent used my Neverfull yet, and I was just looking at it, putting stuf in and out of it...........

    For some reason it feels too small. I am a very small person (less than 5 feet), and it looks perfect on me. It just seems so darn small :crybaby: What do u guys think i should do?? Please help me :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. anyone?? i need help guys!!
  3. you already have doubt with the sizes and I'll say go for the MM.
  4. Personally I think that the PM size is perfect for you. I'm 5'7" and the MM looked a tad big on me. (And the GM just made me look ridiculous). Since you're still small, the MM may be a bit overwhelming...but if you need a larger bag, then get the MM.
  5. I agree with aritziababe...get the MM if you think the PM is too small.
  6. Do what feels right for you, you shouldn't have any doubts with what you get.
  7. I think when the MM is cinched it doesn't look that big. Go for the MM you already stated the PM is too small and not quite what you want.
  8. bigger is better. I would exchange.
  9. I think the MM is better. I feel this bag is more of a tote so bigger is better.
  10. "Get the bigger size. When you get older, you can put more stuff into it, etc., etc.,"

    Yeah, and the price difference is not bad between the two bags, so I say MM!
  11. ITA, if you are concerned about the size go bigger! The great thing about the Neverfull is you can kind of change the size by pulling the leather straps tighter or loosening them.
  12. this bag is the same size as the speedy 30. I think its perfect, and if you're stuff fits keep it.
    The speedy 30 hold a ton so i'm sure this is going to be the same but without digging in a dark hole.

    I say keep it and love it.
  13. get da MM
  14. okay.........tommorrow, my mom and i are gonna go to the store!! wish me luck! :heart:
  15. I'd say PM. It seems to work well with your size and adds to an overall cuteness, KWIM? I'm 5'0" and people hate the way oversized bags look on me; in fact it appears to make me look smaller... Hope you won't have that problem though!