Should I exchange my miroir pochette for a Roxbury?

  1. I just bought my silver miroir pochette one week ago, and haven't used it yet. Yesterday I saw the Roxbury Drive in the pomme d'amour colour and was :drool: . I'm already on the waitlist for an azur speedy 25, so I can't afford to have both the miroir pochette and the roxbury. What does everyone think? :shrugs:

    Anyone know the price of the Roxbury preferably in Canadian dollars?
  2. Roxybury is HOT, but keep in mind Miroir is LE, once you let it go, it's gone for good, unless you're willing the pay the premium on eBay etc. Roxy is USD$ 875 ATM, remember price goes up in Feb 1, so definitely make up your mind fast. But are you going to love the Roxy as much as the first day you saw it when the vachetta starts to patina?
    I was about the charge the plastic when i saw the Brentwood and Sac Maple Drive, but then i realized i only love the contrast of naked vachetta and Pomme d'Amour, once the patina starts, i am sure i will loose interest of it ^^:
  3. ^^ Great points Classic Chic! (It's because you're a Texan ;) ) I can see the red looking nice with a full patina, but the stages in between...maybe not so much :s
  4. yes get the rox.
  5. I like the Miroir a lot better. The Roxbury is cute but IMO it's pretty expensive for such a small bag. Plus, the handles can get a little awkward to carry..if they were like a Speedy then it'd be easier to carry them either by hand or the crook of your arm. With this one, it's just handheld and looks kind of weird when used with the strap.
  6. I actually didn't find the Roxbury small at all. It was the Reade that I found looked ridiculously small on me. I saw a pic of the Roxbury in the visual aides thead carried with the strap and it looked ok to me. Anyways, maybe I'll end up just getting a pomme cles and keeping the miroir.

    Thanks for the input, everybody!
  7. I find the roxbury to be larger than the pochette. Indeed the miroir line is very pretty, but the pochette's were a little too flat and not much room in my opinon. You should get the roxbury!
  8. Also, I don't own anything from the vernis line yet, so do you guys think should start with something small like a cles to ease myself in?
  9. That's what I did. I bought the 4 key holder and I absolutely love it! Gorgeous little jolt of red color in my purse, I find my keys easily and it's so pretty!
  10. how about waitin' for couple of months arnott:confused1: I think the new vernis colour will be permanent, at least for one year. Need correction there if i'm wronged. :rolleyes:
  11. Change it!
    ;) Stephanie.
  12. the roxbury in pomme d'amour is such a beauty! go for it!
  13. no keep it when the miroir runs out the prices are going to be insane...
  14. also if the roxbury in the new red is hot, the miroir pochette is still hotter:drool: and it is LE. You have time to buy the roxbury because the pomme d'amour replace the other vernis red.
  15. hmmm... I'd keep the pochette since it's LE, you can always get the roxbury later right?