Should I exchange my lambskin classic for a 2.55 reissue?

  1. Arggghhh! I am in such a crisis. I just exchanged my caviar medium/large classic with gold hardware for lambskin. I just received my lambskin and I love the lambskin finish but am now thinking that the classic bags look a bit 80s! And the gold is very bling-bling! (but I don't like silver hardware.). I think it looks a bit too classic for my wardrobe. So I was thinking of exchanging again for a reissue? What does everyone think? My nearest Chanel is miles away so I have to do all this through the post and over the telephone. Help!
  2. I personally would have kept the caviar but that's because it would work better for me. Definitely go with what speaks to you and works with your wardrobe. Don't worry too much-You can't go wrong with a flap-period!
  3. I don't regret getting rid of the caviar, as I love the lambskin, I'm just thinking that maybe the reissue would suit me better???
  4. I love the reissues though I don't own any... It seems like u really want one--go for it! If u are having second thoughts about the flap now, you probably won't be 100 percent happy with it later down the road even if you decide to keep her....!
  5. can you still find a reissue now? i heard they are sold out everywhere.
  6. Lol, sorry to hear you are now questioning the lambskin. I don't think the classic flap looks 80s at all.
  7. Mikan, I love the lambskin. I'm just questioning if the classic bag suits my style as I normally go for slouchy modern bags like Balenciaga and Paddingtons. I'm thinking that maybe the classic looks too classic for me and the gold is very bright. I thought maybe the reissues look more modern and you can get them in the distressed leather.
  8. I don' think the classic flap will ever go out of style. If I were you, I would keep the lambskin flap. But that being said, you have to decide if you really love the lambskin flap. If you don't, then there is really no point on you keeping it. Go with your gut instincts.
  9. I love the classic flap and I think it is really easy to wear. But from what you're saying, the classic flap is not modern enough for you and you think the reissue might be better. Well, if you think this way then go for the reissue. No one can tell you otherwise...its how you feel about it. Good luck with your decision!
  10. classic flap will never go out of style, but if I had to chose I would exchange for a reissue
  11. Oh honey, you are in a tither arent you!

    I would take your bag back to Chanel, even if it is a long distance, and then actually physically try all the bags that are currently available! I think this is the only way that you are going to truly know for sure which is the right one for you, as with each bag you are receiving, I think its making you more confused, not enlightened!

    Do it sooner, rather than later, and make a day of it! You may find you choose a style that you wouldnt have thought of before ;)
  12. i love reissues! go for it
  13. I have to agree with this advice :yes: Especially since you have debated from E/W to caviar med flap to lambskin med flap and now reissue. It seems like not having seen the bags plus reading what everyone on this board is getting is creating more confusion than not.

    If you can get to a store and try all the different bags and various leathers on, you can make the best decision on what you like. :smile:
  14. I'm a Balenciaga and Chloe fan too! The classics are a different look than the Bal moto or Chloe silverado/paddys. More mature and sophisticated. If you are worried about it being too mature on you, (this was a concern of mine as well) another option is to wait for S/S and get it in a fun color (this year they are coming in blue, lemon yellow, salmon and others) to balance it out.

    If you can locate one, I would also def. advocate getting a resissue. The reissues are chic and classic at the same time, I love 'em! :heart:
  15. I know, you are so right! If it was just a case of spending a few hundred pounds on a bag I wouldn't be acting like this but I have just spent £1220 on it so I want it to perfect and happy with it. I think I do really need to go and see the bags and try them all on but time just isn't permitting at the moment! It's hard when I have never seen any of these bags in real life.