Should i exchange my Galliera Azur GM to Evora MM

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  1. I just got my galliera this month and i saw the evora today... And i like it! I know that galliera gm is discontinued and i was able to get the last one available in canada.. Should i exchange it to evora? What do u ladies think?!
  2. I love the Galliera more and being that it's discontinued in gm size, think you should keep it and consider Evora later.
  3. Noooo! I have the Evora (my first bag). I'm going to try to find a Galliera GM SOMEWHERE. Just have both. Booooth. I loooooove my Evora, but discontinued is DISCONTINUED. If you can find a way to afford both bags than I say keep the Galliera and grab the Evora as well. That's my plan, only in reverse :biggrin:
  4. Lol! I guess i have to start saving! Or get rid of some lv bags im not using to fund for evora., price is a bit steep tho.. Plus tax! Hate the tax!
  5. I would get Evora- I think it's one of the prettiest LVs made, and Galliera is so common, you see them everwhere (of course. this is because they are also but you don't see a lot of Evoras.
  6. I've never seen a Galliera on someone in real life but I live in a small city. So I guess ya, take into consideration how common it is where you live, or even if that matters to you.
  7. Definitely keep galliera!! Especially since its discontinued you can always get evora later or buy one pre-loved. I have Azur and mono galliera GM and evora mm and if I had to choose between the two I would get rid of evora in a heartbeat!
  8. Keep the Galleria. Save up for the Evora for later.
  9. Definitely keep Galliera and save for Evora. Both are very pretty bags but once you get rid of your galliera gm you many never be able to get it back.
  10. Keep the galleria! You can always get the evora down the road :smile:
  11. I personally prefer the galliera and it would be a shame to change your mind later on and not be able to get it anymore. Maybe wait and get the Evora later on if you still want it.
  12. Keep galliera!! I love the galliera more than the Evora. Esp in gm!! :smile:
  13. I would keep Galliera GM because you can't just go buy it later if you change your mind but you can always get Evora later on. And I love the look of Galliera a lot more! :smile: Good luck with your choice!
  14. Keep it and save. You don't want to exchange it & change your mind and then not be able to find the GM later being that its discontinued.
  15. I love my evora... Just recently rehomed my mono galliera pm bcoz it just wouldn't stay on my shoulder and slide down & sit on the crook of my arm... It was driving me crazy... I've ventured into some crossbody lv