Should I exchange my Ergo tote?

  1. I was lucky enough to be able to use my PCE discount on an Ergo tote. I went to the boutique with my heart set on the large one. Of course, at that time they didn't have any to try on...

    The SA was very nice and helpful. She really recommended that I get the smaller one (I am only 5'4"). She got out her ruler and we measured several bags to try to see the size on me and I ended up getting the smaller one.

    It is a beautiful bag and I do love it, but it is still wrapped and in the shipping plastic. Now that I have seen the big one I really want it! If I exchange I will have to pay the difference between the two retail the amount that my smaller one was discounted. I only paid $248 for the one I have...the big one is $428.

    I am kicking myself for not going with my first instinct! UGH.:sad:
  2. That sucks.
    Hmmmm.... You definitely don't want a $248 bag sitting in your closet.
    What are they going for on eBay right now? Could you make any money on it?
    Sorry about your situation :sad: I'm not much help.
  3. If you aren't 100% happy with the bag you just bought .. everytime you use it, you'll be wishing you had bought the bigger one. I'd say if you have your heart set on the large one, buy it! You won't regret it!

    I have pondered far too many purchases and missed out on a lot of cute stuff I could have had. So now when I see something I love I buy it! Haven't been happier! lol.
  4. Get the larger one. It does not matter have much you saved you will not be happy. I have learned not to settle. When I settle I end up going out and buying what I wanted in the first place. I now just buy what I truly love and know I will get use out of. That being said I have the Larger Ergo Vintage Tote and I love it.
    It is a great bag. I had the small Ergo Turquoise tote and found it to small for my needs, so I returned it.
  5. ITA with everyone else. If you're not happy with the bag you have, go get a different one!
  6. I agree with everyone. If you don't love it, return it. The price difference sucks, but it will make you happy. BUT, I would try and go back to the same lady that talked you out of the larger one and ask her if there is anything she can do . . . it never hurts to ask and see. What is the worst she can say? No.
  7. Are you sure they will not give you 25% off the larger one if you return it to the store? If you go back and talk with the same SA and remind her about how hard it was for you to decide, you might be able to talk her into allowing the exchange for the larger size and still get 25% off. It's worth a try!
  8. Get what you love. I know what it feels like to regret - not good.
  9.'s the update. I took everyone's advice and took the smaller bag in to exchange. No problem, they actually gave me credit for full price, so the large was only $100 more. I was PSYCHED...then...

    On the way home I pulled the new tote out of the bag to admire it, and found a huge scratch across one side of the back and an indented line on the other! It also looked funny, the stuffing paper was all the brown type and was all wadded up like the bag had been handled a lot. Guess I will be back at the boutique tomorrow.
  10. That sucks. Sorry for your luck. Hopefully, everything is fixed tomorrow!
  11. I had a scratch on my turquoise Ergo Hobo right on the front pocket when I received it. I found I wasn't wearing it as the scratch bothered me as I had not done it and it was new. I took my bag to the store last Thursday and my SA ordered a new one for me. I hope that it is perfect and hopefully softer. I should get it today or tomorrow. Go and change your bag and get a perfect one.
  12. don't keep anything you don't love!

    sorry that you didn't go with your first instinct - i love coach sa's, but mine know that they can't talk me into anything i don't really love. :yes:
  13. Definately exchange it for the one you have your heart set on. Its a gorgeous bag. I just got the XXL one, for $998.00 All the sales people said IT would look huge, but I know my style, and I absolutely LOVE it. I get compliments everyday! I would speak to a manager and request the 25% discount since you got it at the time of your original purchase. You'd be surprised what they will do to keep customers satisfied. Good Luck, and enjoy rocking your bag of choice!!!!
  14. great to hear you at least didn't lose your pce discount.
  15. I'm glad the exchange went well but you are right - I'd take it back too if the leather wasn't perfect when you bought it.
    Make sure you take pictures when you get the one you are going to keep! Can't wait to see it.