Should I exchange my Damier Speedy 30 for a Saleya GM?

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  1. Hey everybody!!

    Lately, I have noticed that my Damier Speedy is bleeding onto my stuff (khaki Coach makeup case and pink Juicy sunglass case, etc).:cursing:

    I brought this up to a SA at last night's party and she said that they would probably be able to exchange it for me...:yahoo:

    my question is should I exchange it for the Saleya GM?? I looooove big bags, and at this young point in my life am not a fan of having more than 1 print/color of bag at a time (LOL Crazy I know!! Maybe when I am older and have a 'real job'!!):graucho:

    What do you all think?? TIA!! You are all always so helpful!!:yes:
  2. Well..which one do you like better? If you love your Speedy, then just exchange it for a new one. Otherwise, get the Saleya or try it on in the store to see which you like better.
  3. ^Ugh I like them BOTH!! :sad:
  4. Maybe saleya because the speedy is so common.
  5. It shouldn't bleed... should it?? Maybe it has a defective the lining??? If you love your speedy exchange it...if you are only soo soo in love with it go for something that makes your heart know that feeling you get when you get a bag that you absolutely love...good luck!!!
  6. Lol. Try the Saleya out in the store for awhile. One of my friends returned one because the rolled handles really dug into her shoulders.
  7. With all the issues with the lining bleeding in the speedies i'd exchange it,
    I think the sayela gm is HOT, nice size bag :smile:
  8. I have the saleya pm and love it. The PM holds quite a bit--almost as much as a speedy 30!
    The saleya gm was hard to carry when I tried it on---bulky as a shoulder bag, but big as a hand held.
  9. saleya...not everyone has it! It's a cute bag.
  10. I would go for Saleya.
  11. I love the Saleya :yes:
  12. i also love the saleya
  13. i think you should exchange for the saleya... if you get another speedy, you never know if you'll get one with the same lining problem again.
  14. I have a Saleya GM and I love it. I carry on the shoulder and it's fine.

    It is a HUGE bag though. I use it as a carry-on, laptop, and/or briefcase as I travel for work alot. I can fit in my laptop, my 13" x 7" flap purse, hard back book, water bottle, and still have room to spare. I can't imagine using it for everyday. Too big for me.

    If you haven't seen it IRL, check one out in the store before you buy it. It's great, but it's BIG.
  15. ****Update****

    I exchanged the Damier Speedy for the Saleya GM...I will post pics later tonight for you :smile:

    Thanks so much for all of your advice--YOU GUYS ROCK!! :smile: