Should I exchange my classic black jumbo and medium flap from caviar to lambskin?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I really need your help! I had never owned any Chanel bag until last Halloween. With the crazy price increase, I went mad and bought a Caviar classic medium flap in black at Chanel in Bevery Hills (they had to order from Hawaii's store and ship to me). I then had second thought and ordered a Caviar black classic jumbo from NM in boston on last Saturday (with old price). I just got both bags yesterday. The jumbo one is more practical although it looks a bit big on me (I'm 5'2") but I don't like it in Caviar. The medium caviar looks better but I have so many tiny purses already. I love lambskin but I'm scared if they will be too easily get scratches. Should I change both of them to lambskin? How easily does the lambskin get scratches? I'm not a careless person but neither am I a super careful one. If I exchage them for lambskin, I think I have to pay the new price, right? Do you know how much they are in both sizes?? Thank you so much for all your advices. I do appreciate every thought.:flowers:
  2. If they make you pay extra for the exchange since lambskin is more expensive, I believe the new price for the Jumbo lambskin is somewhere around $2,7xx ISH. Not sure about the medium..

    I would only exchange one for lambskin and keep the other in caviar. Lambskin is luxurious, so it would make more for a special occasion bag and not a daily wear bag. Caviar is more for daily wear.
  3. If you wait for the new lambskin bags, they will be more expensive, but the new lambskin is treated and is slightly less fragile. It might be a good option for you, though. I am waiting for the shipment at my boutique and I tried on the jumbo on at the trunk show. I am not a caviar person at all, and prefer the lambskin or distressed calfskin bags. The new lambskin is so beautiful! (I'm sorry, but I'm not clear on the new lambskin prices yet either!)
  4. keep 1 lambskin and 1 caviar, that way you can have a more every day bag and a special occasion bag. I'd keep the jumbo as caviar & exchange the medium to lambskin since you will most likely carry a smaller bag for special occasion.
  5. I agree with ally completely. The jumbo will probably be used most days, so it makes sense to keep this as the Caviar (if you like it!), and change the medium to a gorgeous Lambskin :smile:
  6. What does the new lambskin look like? The same as normal lambskin? Also, is this a brand new type of leather for Chanel or has it been out for a while?
  7. It looks pretty much the same to me, it's just a newly treated version, and it's just being released with Cruise (and I guess, hereinafter). It's supposed to make the lambskin a little more resistant to scratches, but I would imagine that it is still pretty fragile. It makes perfect sense for me, since I don't like the caviar bags at all, but I am terrified of ruining the lambskin bags.
  8. Thanks for this info. Does this new lambskin come in the classic CC flap bags? Also, is it more expensive than normal lambskin? I am the same, I don't like caviar.

  9. Yes, absolutely. I tried on the black jumbo! I fell in love and the SAs all agreed that it was "me". So, now I'm just waiting for the call that the shipment came in! Can't wait! I know it's going to be pretty stressful to keep it scratch-free, but I just don't like the look of caviar. It's going to be more expensive, since all the classics have gone up in price, and yes, lambskin is more expensive than caviar, anyway. If you decide to get one, post pics!
  10. i was also going to suggest the jumbo in caviar since you'll be using it more and lambskin for medium since you'll use it less and for dressier occasions.
  11. I'd keep the Jumbo in caviar and exchange the med to lambskin.
  12. I'm not a caviar person either. I also prefer lambskin and calfskin.

    My lambskin quilted bags have held up pretty well. They are not as fragile as everyone thinks... the quilting seems to hide a lot of abuse.

    I would only get the bags I adore and just try and be careful.
  13. I totally agree with this advice! That's what I plan on doing, as well. I briefly considered the caviar since it is the most durable (my SA grabbed one and scratched his nails over it several times to reiterate the durability factor in its selling point), but I just don't like the way it looks at all, and I don't care if it could withstand a machine gun attack, it is not worth getting if I don't like the way it looks! I'm all about aesthetics over practicality anyway! I was always going to get a jumbo in lambskin. I'm just happy Chanel has decided to help make the lambskin a little more durable for our now huge sum of money we are plunking down for these bags! :rolleyes:
  14. I'd keep the Jumbo in caviar and exchange the medium for the lambskin as well! The only reason I got my medium in caviar is because I got it in white! I'd go for the black in lambskin for sure!
  15. i love the look and feel of lambskin - i think although the Caviar is more durable and less prone to scratches - more practical, you have to get what you love. I just got a lambskin jumbo with bijoux chain and had to make the same choice. I was told the new lambskin bags are thicker leather and not as delicate as the one i got. Hope this helps.