should i exchange my blk denim shawl for the mono blk shawl?

  1. i just recently bought the denim blk shawl, but feel uncomfortable with the logos, i think it's alittle too 'loud' for me, should i exchange it for the regular mono black shawl? or, do u think i will grow to like it?
  2. Hmmm, you know, I am debating between the denim and the chocolate mono. I actually prefer the denim, think its so gorgeous, but my practical side thinks its a bit to flashy for my corporate job. Denim is really lovely, but if you are uncomfortable with it, you won't get your $$ worth, always a key consideration for me.
  3. yeah, exactly, i feel very uneasy wearing it to work with all the logos on it.
  4. ^^^yeah, it kind of bugs me that I care, but it is truly a legit consideration at my work.
  5. I'd exchange it if you're uncomfortable with it.
  6. If you don't like it, then you should exchange it. I've been wanting the black denim shawl foreverrrr!
  7. For me, I prefer Denim Shawl but if you feel uncomfy or it's not for you, just exhange it with Mono Black Shawl, it's classic and you won't wrong :smile:
  8. I love the denim one but if you are concerned enough to consider returning it then don't keep it. It may grow on you but do you really want to take the risk of finding out? You could change it for the black one or the chocolate one, although in the sunlight, even the black one has noticeable logos.
  9. i prefer the black Mono shawl. its more dressy and subtle.
  10. I would exchange it for one you would like better.
  11. hopefully i won't regret it, i will sit on it for one more day before i decide...tks ladies for ur help.
  12. the black mono is definitely more subtle and classy...i love mine!
  13. i prefer the mono shawl.
    if ur not comfortable with it than its not the right one for you
  14. I prefer the black mono shawl. More subtle and classy for work.
  15. definitely the black mono shawl. I'm so self-conscious about logos these days...
    but if you've USED the denim shawl already, then don't exchange it...