Should I exchange my beige classic flap?

  1. I bought it last Thursday but when I got home, I only noticed the trimming of the interior left pocket(Left when carrying it)..
    I flew out for Xmas the following early morning so I didn't manage to go back to exchange it.
    So I'm doing it today.

    I don't know how to explain the flaw but I hope these pics helps..
    The right pocket trimming is fine but not the left one..
    I could only manage to zoom in frm the front with my camera phone since it's smaller to put it in the bag and take the pic. The rest are taken with my camera from the top.

    Would I look like a fussy customer to ask for an exchange over this interior trimming?:confused1:

    And do let me know what you ladies find of this bag as the beige caviar nice? Or should I change the colour as well since I'm changing?:p

    Thank you!
    DSC00669.JPG Left poket.jpg DSC00675.jpg Right pocket_fine.jpg DSC00679.jpg
  2. defintely a nice bag and colour. - dont think u are being fussy- for the price of the bag u should expect nothing but perfection...
    where did you buy it, boutique or concession?
  3. I feel better to hear I am now getting ready to leave home to do the exchange :yes:
    I bought it from the Chanel boutique at Old Bond St..
  4. Good- go get another one thst u feel happier about.. excepy nothing but the best... I find the SA's at Sloane nicer than Bond.. For some reason they seem to be stuck up in bond st!
  5. I agree completly, at Bond Street they are soo snobish, at Sloane they are more welcoming, polite and helpful.
    When I am paying hundreds of pounds for a bag, I expect the bag to be 100% perfect and NOTHING less.
  6. if your not happy with it, exchange it!
    Although I've come to accept the fact most Chanels are not made in perfection anyhow...but if it bothers you, try to get another one.

    good luck!
  7. Nice bag and nice color! For such money you paid, you deserve a nice quality the way, how much is this bag? I am quite new to Chanel so I do want to find out the prices of their bags.
  8. I think if you notice that something isn't perfect it will bother you and you should take it back. In my opinion, part of the reason for buying something exclusive is that the quality should always be superior inside and out. Btw, I love the color!
  9. Hi ladies..

    I'm back! But disappointingly...Chanel store is closed today.. :sad:

    Soni & Cammy1:
    It's actually my first I just head straight to the one in Bond St since I usually goes to the LV on the same street.
    I guess I must have been lucky cos when I was there last Thursday, the SAs were very welcoming & friendly the moment I stepped in - Xmas mood I guess!? :p
    Thanks for letting me the next time I'll just go to the Sloane.

    By the way, do you know if it's possible if I bought it from Bond, I wanna exchange it at Sloane??
  10. Thanks lemontart :smile:
    I am new to Chanel too..:yes:
    I got this bag for £900 (approximately USD$1,762+...?)
  11. That's a great color and bag, but unless it's perfect you shouldn't keep it. Is that the medium flap?
  12. Thanks Yorelica.. :smile:
    I'm keeping my finger crossed that it will be open again tomorrow and that I can do the exchange without any problem..:yes:
  13. Thanks kimbo79
    Well..that's a good question haha..cos I'm still a lil bit confused myself..cos from some of the pics I saw here, Jumbo seems quite big.
    Actually I wanted to get a jumbo..and when the SA showed me this one, I find that it looks more like the medium. I kept asking her is this the Jumbo, biggest one..and she told me no, this is Large, the largest one.. I think I asked her few times, so she brought out 3 sizes..S, M & L for me to compare..
    So I just took the largest one..:p
  14. gorgeous color.. u should definitely exchange it though
  15. Okay ladies..Update!

    I did the exchange today..and changed for a lambskin - in the same colour & hardware!:graucho:

    At first, the SA (same one who attended me last Thurs) brought me a bag which have the same flaw as the bag I was changing.. Plus, the flap zipper was clearly slightly dirty!:wtf: I pointed out to her regarding the flaw of the trimmings only(not the zip) and she told me it's the same for every bag. I asked her how come it's only one side of the pocket and not the other one..? I wasn't too please of I am topping up £85 more for the lambskin, and she couldn't simply tell me that. So I told her nicely if she could "kindly bring me another one for me to confirm it's the same for all bags".. And so she did.. And it was fine! :smile: So I took it..:yahoo:

    But now that I got home, I just realised that she had forgotten to put in the cleaning cloth..:hysteric:
    I saw it was there when she opened this bag to show me.. So perhaps she must have forgotten to put it in back as there was the other bag on the counter.
    I know it's just a cloth..but having my very first chanel purse, obviously I wanna own everything that officially comes with the purse right?:p