should i exchange my alma bb EPI in black to fuchsia

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  1. I think there are lots of black bags out there, which I find prettier than black Epi. Fuchsia Epi, however, is absolutely striking even compared to other purple bags. I'd definitely go for Fuchsia! :smile:
  2. :smile:Congrats..on the black epi...being your first bag ..keep the black
  3. What does your heart telling you?
  4. I'd say keep the black Epi as your first LV bag. It's timeless, classic and beautiful and you can wear it every day with any outfit you want - casual or for evenings out.

    I will get an Alma BB black Epi for my birthday, too. Although I already own many canvas LV bags and SLGs, I choose the black one as my first leather LV. You are right, the Epi colours are so beautiful, I also was thinking about, but black is the right choice for the first, believe me ;) We can always add a colourful bag later on.

    Congrats and have fun with your bag!
  5. Keep the black!!
  6. Congrats! I say keep the black and maybe dress her up with a bag charm when you want a flashier look!
  7. keep the black, as many people above said, it'll match with everything and be a perfect everyday bag.
  8. I think your heart might be leaning for fushia while your mind is going with black?
  9. Black is always classic but the fushia is a beautiful solid color. Me I like a pop of color, I think black is a little boring but you gotta go with your gut. For example I got the indian rose alma bb last month and I already had an indian rose pochette. I thought it was dumb to have both in the same color so I gave my sister my pochette as a gift because she loves the color also, I love my pomme zcp so I bought a pomme pochette to replace the indian rose one. Well as beautiful as the pomme was my gut kept saying keep the pink. I took the pomme back two days later and now it's been a little over a week and I'm still so happy I got my pink back. So bottom line after a long story go with your gut it's usually always right;)

  10. That's exactly it is ....

    Black looks elegant and beautiful. Fuchsia looks so amazing as well..
  11. keep the black and you can have fun hits of colour with your slg's or charms!

    alternately, you could look for preloved Epi in a bright colour. I bought a Tassil Yellow Noe for a great price that I wear a lot in the spring/summer. I don't worry as much about that bag either as it was already used and "cheap" (when compared to buying new Epi)
  12. Black, definitely :smile:
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:Thanks a lot for all the comments and advice.

    Very helpful and it makes me feel good on i made the right choice.

    I will keep the black over the Fuchsia as my first bag

    Like Binkysmom and mmchav suggested i will add a charm to make a different look.