should i exchange my alma bb EPI in black to fuchsia

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  1. OKay, i ordered black alma bb EPI, it is elegant and gorgerous, I wanted the black cuz it goes with every outfit, but now i am not sure. Fuchsia looks gorgeous as well. should i exchange black to Fuchsia
  2. Keep the black! It will go with more. The fuchsia looks pretty but can clash with certain colors . Esp. if you wear alot of colored tops, prints. etc.
  3. 1+

  4. this makes me feel i made the right choice purchasing black epi:P
  5. If you can afford to have a "fun bag" in your collection - one that doesn't match everything and you might not wear that often - then get the fuscia. If you want something you can wear with everything, and as an everyday bag, keep the black. I think your decision depends on which bags you already have in your collection, and way you're looking for.

  6. thanks a lot

    it is my first LV...i would like to wear it everyday
  7. Definitely keep the black then! Congrats on your first!! You can get a fun pop of color in a wallet, or another bag down the road.
  8. I'd keep the black so that you can wear it as often as you'd like. It's really timeless, elegant and beautiful...a perfect first LV.
  9. I would keep the black you will use it a lot more since it will go with everything
  10. Keep the black and add different charms to change the look :graucho:
  11. Keep the black so chic so classic!
  12. no
  13. Fuchsia is gorgeous but I'd keep the black - definitely more versatile. You can always add fuchsia later on, perhaps a wallet for a pretty pop of colour :smile: its a great choice, congrats :smile:
  14. Get the one one that your heart is longing for. I love the fushia :smile:
  15. I think fushia epi is very pretty. It is not flashy but just right to add a pop of colour to any outfit. I will say yes.