Should i exchange MC white Eliza or keep it?

  1. Hi,guys.I am so happy,my husband just surprised me with MC white Eliza.bUT I AM not sure if i want to keep it ,because
    1--i read that colour can start peeling off
    2--it is too expensive for such a small bag
    So i really need your advise and suggestions,please---should i keep it,exchange it for something else--but for what ,i have no idea right now,or should i exchange it for black color???
    ps---i have mono alma,denim mini pleaty and mono sophie,
    so right now i am sitting and wondering what should i do??????????????????
    your suggestions please and opinion about this bag
    pps--i need to exchange it tomorrow,so i have :confused1: 8 hours left to think!!!!!
    thank you.
  2. Aww congrats! I usually keep my LV gifts from my boyfriend for sentimental reasons, but I would probably just trade it for a black MC one. It's a cute bag.
  3. do you like handheld or shoulderbag? What about something Vernis like Lexington, Roxbury, Maple Drive, in Pomme or Perle?
    Or small leather goods like wallet, agenda? If you are 100% sure Eliza is not for you, but can't decide on what to get instead, I'd suggest you go exchange it for a store credit to buy some more time to decide?
  4. I think it's a lovely bag. If you feel really bad about using it then maybe you could get something in Damier?
    If you look after the Eliza you shouldn't have too much trouble with it though.
  5. I'd keep it since it was a gift. It obviously wasn't too expensive for him to purchase it so don't fret about the price! ;) We all know that good things come in small packages!
  6. i'd change it for a black one but that's because I prefer black mc. :smile: that's such a sweet gift! lucky you!
  7. i would keep it and enjoy such a sentimental person :smile:
  8. have you tell ur hubby about exchange it?
  9. I'm biased cuz I don't like the Eliza... so I would exchange it if I were you.
    You mentioned that you think it's too small, well have you considered the MC Lodge PM? or maybe handheld like MC Trouville or MC audra?

    Also, I wouldn't worry about the white canvas, sometimes some very lil minor 'defects' get blown up really big on this forum. (eg Vernis color transfer......ya... hocuc pocus lol... Or maybe I'm just lucky with all my stuff, but I doubt it)
  10. I think it would be disrespectful to your husband if you exchanged it. If it were me, I'd just learn to :heart: it, especially knowing it came from my man. I feel that is more important than what type of bag it is.
  11. I'd xchange i ure not happy. 935$ is a lot of mula. Plus the eliza is so small for 935.
  12. If you like something else better then change it.:yes: I am sure that your boyfriend would rather you have something that you love and use. I know that my boyfriend does and he wouldn't mind if I would change the gift and, personally, if it was vice-versa and it was me giving him the gift and he liked something else better, I would definitely prefer that he changed it for something he love.:yes:
  13. I think it's cute..I wouldn't worry about the colors peeling though because the bags do hold up really well.
    But if you want to exchange it for something you know you'll love and use, then I'm sure your husband will understand.
    Anyway, it was really sweet of him!
  14. :yes: :yes: agreed!! :heart:
  15. Of course you should keep it!