Should I exchange for something else?


Jan 3, 2017
Hi everyone! So I bought a black caviar classic flap jumbo with gold hardware last week, but now I'm having second thoughts because I feel like it's a bit too big and shiny also I can't really wear it crossbody. I was thinking maybe I should have gotten the reissue 226 just because it's more practical yet still classic? But then deep in my heart also thinks that I would probably regret it if I end up exchanging because every girl should have a classic flap in their closet? Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!


Jun 18, 2012
I loooove Chanel bags and Chanel is the brand most represented in my closet (for now). But I don't think there is any bag every girl should have in their closet. Our styles, needs, priorities and budgets vary too much for there to be one Uber bag (or even a list of 10 "must haves")

If the CF doesn't make your heart and soul sing, return it. No way anyone should pay good money ($50 or $50,000) for a bag that doesn't make them deliriously happy. This is a hard lesson I'm still learning so we have to support each other in this. :hugs:

One of my favorite bags is from a designer whose line failed miserably. I probably couldn't get 200 bucks out of it if I tried to sell it. It's still one of my favorites that you wouldn't be able to pry out of my cold dead claws.

So, maybe you should return the CF (black CF's aren't rare so you could get another later if you want), not buy the reissue and wait til you are cuckoo crazy about a bag and then buy it. :flowers:


Sep 12, 2015
I would return it and get something you are going to use. Just because you think every girl should have one in her closet...if it's not practical and you don't use it what good will it do in your closet?


Jan 10, 2017
Take some time to think it again and if finally doesn`t meet your expectations, return it back and get something you`d love.


Nov 15, 2016
I would say return it. I went through the same thing. I thought I needed the Caviar Jumbo Classic Flap because it seems like everyone loves it and is such a classic piece. I thought long and hard about it and decided it wouldn’t suit my life style. I went with the medium and absolutely love it. You should get something you are going to use and LOVE!!! There is no point in owning a bag if you won't get a lot of use out of it IMHO. Oh and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the reissue 226!
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Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
Get the bag you want to carry, not the bag you think you should have in your closet. Key words here: "in your closet". A Chanel flap is expensive, and for that money you should really get something you love and aren't afraid or unwilling to carry! If the reissue is more up your alley, then I think you should go for it - it's Chanel, it's a flap bag, it's a classic, you want one...just stop me here anytime!
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