should i exchange 2nd galliera or am im being too picky?!?!

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  1. ok, so the first galliera gm i got i had to exchange due to the screw/pin coming out...happened in the middle of the store while trying to handle my doggie..not to easy finding a screw/pin like this morning i just received my new one...everything looked perfect at first but then..!!!! i noticed on the bottom of the back side theres like extra material which is hanging beyond the seam..doesnt look right at this a defect? should i keep it? do you think the sa will think im crazy? mind yall, i have to ship out to texas where i bought it and im in north carolina lv here in this state...what do yall recommend??? thanks for yalls help!!!!!

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  2. doesn't really look right, but its no big deal.

    if ur not happy with it , exchange it. if u dont, it will drive u crazy!
  3. [​IMG]
    i just checked mine and it doesn't look like this....

    and i'm sure it'll bug you forever!!! i think you should exchange it, why not, it is an expensive bag --- you need to be happy!! =)
  4. I wouldn't be happy with that. I would try to exchange it. Maybe it will be 3rd time lucky!
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    oops hit the wrong button, sorry.
  6. Definitely exchange it. How could it pass quality control being like that? :confused1: I wonder what's up with LV nowadays. There are so many issues with the quality of their products. :shrugs:
  7. You should be fully satisfied, so you should exchange it out. If it's me, that'll be something that bothers me everytime and I know for sure it'll keep me from enjoying the bag. BTW, if you're in NC and near Charlotte or Raleigh, you should just run by there, so you could inspect the bag before you leave the store. I've done that before and they don't even question me at all. Actually, the ladies in Charlotte store are very sweet.
  8. omg, i had no idea that there were lv in charlotte and raleigh...ill definately be doing that instead...its a 2hr drive but id rather drive and check it out myself then to mail it and wait for another one..thanks!!!!!
  9. i'd definitely return it! my bag does not look like that...good luck and hope third times the charm!
  10. hmm... i checked mine and it doesnt have that. I would exchange it. It'sgoing to bug you like FOREVER!
  11. It clearly bothers you a lot and others have said that their's doesn't look like that so I'd exchange it again. You should also inspect the new one completely before you take it home so you can really make sure that it doesn't have anything wrong that will bother you again :tup:
  12. Yes, take it back! Please keep us posted.

  13. i am shell-shocked at the poor QC :wtf:
  14. Return it!! I get so frustrated with things like this. Call 866-vuitton if you have to.. tell them what happened and that you want a brand spankin new one ASAP! Good luck to you.
  15. For that amount of money you deserve a bag in pristine condition, I'd definitely return it :smile: