Should I even try to locate my Timeless GST Dream Bag?

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  1. Haven't been on here in a while. Miss chattin' with all my fellow Chanel lovers! Hope all is well. Last bag I purchased was the bubble quilt. Love it! But now, I am getting that itch for a new bag. The bag that I still think about that I past up because I had just bought the bubble quilt is the Dark Bordeaux Patent Timeless GST. Is it even possible to find???
  2. OMG, there it is!! thanks for that link...Do I dare? I have always made it a rule to not buy something like this on ebay. Makes me nervous. Have a feeling though that is the only way I can get it....maybe..
  3. I can see why you would be tempted! It is beautiful! I have not seen it anywhere!!
  4. call the 800 number, sometimes boutique will get returns on discover hidden stock. good luck!
  5. HEY! thats mine - Absoutely as purchased from chanel!
  6. I have's a great bag!
  7. if you want new I know it's coming in red soon!
  8. Thanks Swanky. Is it Patent? I already have a gorgeous patent red valentino. So I wanted a different color. I was thinking the black patent in the GST. But I'm afraid I'd never use my black diamond stitch again. So I really wanted a different color. As tempting as it is, a purchase like this, I prefer to make at the boutiques just in case anything were to go wrong. Besides how can one resist walking through the mall with that large black bag to show off!! just kidding :smile: Good luck to China Doll in selling it.

    Any other colors that you know of that is coming out in Patent in this bag???
  9. Gasp! Wld be nice if i can spot one! =X

    But Im finding the proportions of GST unsuitable for me.. Dont really feel that it's big enuff for me somehow! Oh well..
  10. i have this bag also ~ GST's fit tons of stuff...dont know your needs??
    have u seen one IRL??

  11. OMG any pics hangin around?:graucho: how soon???
  12. Heehee, no ive not seen one IRL.. There's no boutiques in Perth unfortunately!

    But from the modelling photos of other TPFers, im finding that the width of the bag is not as huge as I've wanted. Maybe im wrong.. I can only find out whn I hit Paris in Oct :yahoo:

    I've got a limited Chanel budget for this trip though.. So if the GST doesnt work out, i might just get the Chanel Classic Clutch for evening use!