Should I even tempt fate?

  1. I got a little bonus and a couple of other checks from a side job so what I'm trying to figure out is should I call the outlets to see if they have any Black Alis in? :confused1:
  2. GO FOR IT!!!
  3. YES!!!! :yes: As long as you don't end up like me, buying every legacy bag and color they have and then not being able to make up your mind!!!! :hysteric:
  4. You will probably really regret it if you don't even try. Call around and give it a shot. If you don't find it, at least you will know you tried. If you do find one, have them hold it, take a look at it and then decide. You don't have to buy it if you change your mind!
  5. Absolutely! Ali is such a TDF bag that if you have the chance, go for it!!!! You can't have too many. Good luck!!!!
  6. Please...come join us in our Ali madness!!! It is contagious!!! I have taken about 7 trips to 2 different COACH outlets...within the past week or two just for LEGACY bags!
  7. Definitely, call around to try to get an Ali, or two! I love my Whiskey Leather & my Plum Suede Ali's.

    Go For It, or You'll Regret It!!!
  8. You should definitely try to see if you can get one. It is one of the most versatile and classic bags Coach has ever made. It's fantastic!
  9. Go For It!!!!!!! Black Ali Is Gorgeous!!!!!!! Good Luck!!
  10. You should definitely call around! If you don't at least try you will always wonder...
  11. If you truly want one then yes, you should call! Otherwise you'll be regretting it later!
  12. did you call yet? :graucho:
  13. its better to try than to not try at all!
  14. leather or signature?
  15. Definitely find out and you can always decide later, if you do get one.