Should I even respond??

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  1. I just listed my first item for sale on Ebay yesterday. I got a message this morning from someone saying this. First off, this user must of just registered this morning. I don't even accept Money Gram and he wants me to give him my address?? Plus, he's offering to pay 380$ which is double the value of the item I'm selling. This has scam written all over it, thank goodness I'm not gulliable. :smile:
    My question is, should I even bother sending a message back?

    Here is the message:

    Hello i am interested in the immediate purchase of this unit and will be making payment right away,i shall also be ready to pay for the shipment fee.I will offer you $380.00 USD including the shipment fee through USPS Express Mail Service.As for the payment i will like to pa you through Money Gram.i will like to ask if you would be able to ship as soon as payment is confirmed and approved by Money Gram ,and so i will want to complete the transaction in a very timely manner.if you can do this, email me with your name, contact address and your phone number including your full email address so that i can proceed with payment right away.let me quickly say that i will perfer the shipment of the unit to be made GlobaL Express .also i will not want you to email me into my ebay account cos if you email me into the account the mail will not show up that means i will not be able to read it.mail me back to this
    drjj1x94d99a4j8 (0)
  2. I say don't respond and report it to eBay. Really smells like a scam.
  3. Agreed- a Scam for sure- you can always tell- Grammar is always off..
  4. I agree, looks like a scam. I wouldn't respond.
  5. report it to ebay, he will send you a fake money gram and how to have the product before you find out its fake.

    :censor: seems they have hacked into another account:rant:

  6. I agree, it's a scam. :yes: I had a similar one.

    Don't respond and report it to eBay.
  7. Thank you! That's what I thought, just wanted to double check since I'm new to Ebay
  8. no longer a registered user! lol. Ebay is scary. I got an email on something I bid over $400 for (and lost) and someone emailed me asking if I wanted to buy it for that price because the winner backed out. It was so obviously not the seller! What jerks. I emailed them back and said no thanks scammer!
  9. Yes Ebay is very scary! Especially this being my first time selling. It's pathetic people have nothing better to do with their lives then to scam people. :censor:
  10. Run far and fast!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Report it to eBay. Not only is it AGAINST eBay policy to offer sellers to do transactions offline, this dude has SCAMMER stamped on his forehead...
  12. Definitely a scam, i received two offers like this over craigslist.

    They send you a fake money order... sometimes even a money order over email... fake fake fake!

    Report the user.
  13. ACK! I can't believe that. Yes, run fast girl... I am getting so fed up with people preying on someone else's trust on Ebay:censor:
  14. ooh, i get those ALL the time through craigslist. I didnt even know they were stupid enough to try that via Ebay!
  15. This is commonly known as the Nigerian scam. Most of the time they want you to ship to africa to a son, niece, whatever. Don't respond, account is probably hacked!