Should I even by an LV?=o(

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    After reading about all the awful fake LVs everyone walks around with. I see manyyy of them too. I was wondeing if I should even bother buying one. I was going to purchase the Speedy 25. I know that is one of there most popular ones but I love it! I don't want everyone to think im carrying a fake. HELP what do you think I should do?:shrugs:
  2. Even if there are so many fake LV bags out there today, I really think you should get one. At least YOU will know that yours is the real deal.
  3. If you want an LV get one, don't let the 'fake' market devalue your appreciation of LV.
  4. If YOU love it thats all that matters. Fakes are every where in my community and I am positive that most probably just assume mine is fake too. But I love it so I don't care what they think. You could always go for a damier or the epi line... they seem to be faked less.
  5. Until I got a few LV pieces I never noticed how bad the LV fakes look. Believe me real purse people will appreciate the real deal. Last time I was in NYC I saw a lot of LV, 90% was fake, one real Speedy. I am beginning to see the differences.
  6. Repeat after me: "I don't care what others think"...
  7. You really shouldn't care about what others think.. my mom posed the same question to me when I had first started purchasing LV's. My answer: As long as I know it's real, that's all that really matters.
  8. Hi
    I only could tell the difference with the fake ones until I owned a real one. What I mean, some items I seen on Ebay, I could of bought that would of been FAKE but I wanted my first LV purse bought from a LV store. The day I went to the store, I was so excited. I had excellent service. And I didn't feel rushed, or like I wasting anyone's time. Buying a LV purse is a big consumer purchase. Just today at Starbucks one of the girls that worked there asked if my purse was a real LV purse. I said yes it was. And she said that must of been around $800.00. I didn't agree with her, as I'm modest with telling people how much I paid for a purse. Anyways - the fakes are horrible. I didn't want to get scammed on Ebay with out LV education. People here know what's real. And currently - I'm watching an item. I hope to win an auction. :smile: Those fakes are not even nice as the real deal. They are not even close to being authentic. After I got my LV MC Rift - I went to this store, and examined a fake one - knowing mine was real. They try so hard to be LV. And I could never ever wear a fake. It wouldn't make me feel happy as a real one does. :tender:
  9. Hi! I really think you should get one. As with the fakes, knowing that you have the real thing will only make you feel soooo much better when you see someone toting fakes :yes:
  10. I think you should buy whatever it is that you love!
  11. You know it's real, we know it's real, most people who love bags will know it's real. If you want & love it then whatever others think shouldn't matter.
    I think most people can tell the difference anyway.
  12. I agree with taco. Those of us in the know can tell its real anyway. Not that it matters what anyone thinks. If you love it and appreciate the quality go for it!
  13. Say it ten times and you'll be ready:graucho: . Seriously there's nothing compare to the smell....feel.....sight of the real Louis Vuitton:angel: ! You will not regret !;)
  14. maybe you should re-think why you really want to buy the Speedy. are you buying it for your own pleasure or just for show? because if it's the first one, then fakes and being mistaken for carrying a fake shouldn't be a issue.
  15. that's the reason i don't buy a monogram. i prefer my lv in other line, especially the limited edition :P