Should I even bother to reply?


    So that’s my auction… I got this message from someone

    “Hi there, This is not an Authentic LV Bag. The LV's are up sidedown I have six of them strat from the store it's self and this bag is not close to the real thing.”

    Mind you, the bag is of course authentic. Should I even bother setting her straight? Don’t you hate it when ignorant people send you messages like this?
  2. hi -- yes, it's VERY annoying to get emails like that. I sold a Juicy several months ago and someone sent me the same type of email (misspellings and all) and I didn't bother responding...

    BTW, I put your bag on my watch list! Maybe I'll get lucky and get to buy something from a trusted TPF member!
  3. How frustrating. I wouldn't bother to reply. I would however block them from ever bidding on anything you sell.:wtf:
  4. she is so dumb and ignorant. You should reply with every fact that proves that the handbag it is indeed authentic and maybe she'll realized how ignorant she is.
  5. excellent advise
  6. Yes! I would! Tell her this bag is cut from ONE piece of leather, thus the LV HAS to be UPSIDE DOWN on ONE side. Tell her to call LV & ask them. What a dumb A$$!

    I would soooooo tell her!
  7. hell yes , me too!
  8. I had this same issue with a Juicy handbag that I sold. Older Juicys have Love P&G, later changed to love G&P (as shown on mine) because of Procter & Gamble. But try explaining this to someone who is determined that your bag is fake.

    Reply back and state that if she has any questions of authenticity then she should not bid.

    And block them from your bidder list.
  9. Well, she is obviously ignorant. I always reply to people who accuse me of selling fakes. I would note the upside down LVs like others have said, and another point I always like to make is that you will NEVER see a fake that says it's made in the USA. Sad, but true.

    She may be just completely unknowing of the product and purchased what she thought were real items in stores that sell fakes.
  10. One more point from a buyer's standpoint: obviously we know the bag is real but I did note that your price is rather low. That may put some doubt in people's minds.

  11. :yes: ^^^DO IT! DO IT!^^^

    Oh, and then block her after! LOL
  12. Tell her the word STRAT is spelled STRAIGHT, UP SIDEDOWN is UPSIDE DOWN, and IT'S SELF is ITSELF. Then block them. LOL

  13. LMAO:roflmfao:
  14. It's a strange world when people who are only familiar with fakes attempt to tell people with authentic bags what is real. But, it happens a lot. Ignore her, block her.

    Good luck on the auction btw.
  15. I had the same thing happen when I listed my Damier Speedy. It was new & straight from Elux! I had pics of all authenticity markers~ you couldn't get an easier bag to authenticate! Some idiot lady, all of FOUR feedback proceeds to tell me I should be ashamed of myself for selling a fake bag, blah blah blah.... I emailed her back & told her she was OUT OF HER FREAKIN MIND & since she obviously didn't have a CLUE about LV, she should keep her mouth shut. I proceeded to give her an "authenticating LV 101" lecture about what to look for. I also posted a little snipit on the listing page that went something like "I find it amusing when I have an Ebayer, with a whole 4 feedback, tell me I'm selling a fake bag. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about LV can take one look at my bag & tell that it's real. Before certain people start flying accusations, I suggest you know what you are talking about" .... Never heard another word from her;) Man, I was so P.O.ed though. Some people have nerve!