should I ebay or find reseller????

  1. I hope it's ok to post this thread as I really need advice. I have a Medor clutch which I've only carried once, a new Bolide, and pair of brand new H sandles that I never use. I've just decided that I really need to part with these items as they're really not 'me' (design/color/shoe size). I've never sold anything on eBay and really don't have the time to keep up with it. Do I try to do it anyway, or find a reseller/consignment shop? I don't really live near anything like that so would have to ship anyway. I know I won't get what I paid for the items but am not a 'keeper' of things I don't use. I just need some advice.
  2. You will likely make more money selling on eBay than through consignment but if you haven't sold luxury goods like H before on eBay, people may be reluctant to buy with you or may assume the goods are not real due to the proliferation of fakes online. You also run the risk of having a fake returned, chargebacks, etc. So consignment is safer that way, but you will pay for it. Good luck!
  3. You could see if you could join the MP and sell on there?
    Good luck.x
  4. How do I go about finding a reseller? I have original receipts, boxes etc. for all of my items. I really appreciate any help as this is a completely new thing for me.
  5. Check the list of resellers on the appropriate thread; you can usually find them with current Ebay auctions and message them there. Or try any local high end consignment shops.
  6. Hello, I am an ebay seller..Objectsinterpol on ebay they are nice and fair..they buy...
    Or I or any other ebay sales assistant could help you :o) Try Sandia Exchange...she's good also. Good luck
  7. I explored the reseller route a little bit and personally would not go that way.
    I got offered 50% of the retail value for a 4 month old Kelly, which they would have sold on with a mark-up of 38.5% :push:
  8. Whether you consign or give it to a reseller, 50% of the take is all you will get. That's just standard. So, perhaps you can get into the Marketplace or approach one of the big resellers to buy your pieces outright. If not, do you have a friend who is established (with feedback) on Ebay who will do it as a favor or for a nominal fee? If that's a no, consider selling it/them yourself on Ebay. This is definitely your last resort because it is very labor intensive to do it well; ask any of our illustrious tpf'er who sell. However, this will get you the best return. I wish you the best of luck!!