Should I dye my green Balenciaga Bag

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  1. Hi ladies.

    I purchased a green Bal sometime back and I haven't used it (it was an impulse buy and when I got home, I didn't like the colour:smile:) so I was wondering if I should dye it black and then I would use it again!!!

    This is a pic of my bag (in really bad lighting) [​IMG] but any suggestions to whether I should dye it or not?

    I don't want to sell it since the value have probably depreciated by a lot and it would be worth a lot less.

    So opinions please!!!

  2. Is that palm tree??? Honestly its a gorgeous color. The color would be nice for spring/summer bag. I have a green bag too and i use it all year round. :smile:
  3. What a lovely colour! No, I wouldn't dye it - I had a Bal recoloured once and I'd never do it again, just didn't feel the same about it afterwards.
  4. No! Do not dye it! It will be stiff...

    Sell and buy something you will love. That is a gorgeous bag!
  5. I wouldn't dye it either...I too think it is a gorgeous colour.
  6. Don't dye it!
  7. What don't you like about it? You wouldn't wanna ruin a perfect bag :sad:
  8. Do not dye it, the bag is stunning. I think many people are afraid of color and seem to stick to black bags all the time. Have you tried to wear this bag out? I could see it rocking jeans, looking great with a suit and about anything else. I really feel this bag will add a popl of color to any outfit. I have been trying to be very careful with what I buy clothing wise. I have been sticking to basic colors and have started to buy from one store called Inhabit NYC, so everythign matches. The colors I wear are grey, navy blue, black and cream/white but they are all solid pieces. I use my bags for the pop of color. I have a beautiful green city bag that works well and a nice lavender one too. I really have such a hard time wearing black bags. A favorite bag of mine is a black soft lambskin hobo but the color makes me feel kind of the style and softness of the bag but the black color seems so boring. I really think you bought a great bag and need to look at how pretty it is. Good luck.
  9. Please please don't dye it. One of my Fav bals is my Pommier city.. a green very similar to yrs. Green is lovely and adds just amount of POP to any outfit without being too girly or boring... I think it goes with everything.. I love matching it with bright coloured T shirts like pink, blue and purple and denim jeans.
  10. Nooooooooooo don't dye it!!!!!!!!

    Try selling it and purchase a black one. This is a beautiful color. I want it
  11. I agree with the others here.
    Don't ruin a beautiful color like this with dye. :nogood:
    Rock it and enjoy the pop of color it can provide. :tup:
  12. Don't dye it. You wont like the look or the feel and neither will anyone else if you decide to sell it later. Sell it in it's nice condition now and get a color you like. Maybe do a trade on Bonanza.
  13. Don't dye it. If you really can not enjoy it then sell it.
  14. I love that color, I wouldn't dye it.
  15. noooooo! i love that rich emerald color! sell or trade on bonz! i do not think price has depreciated much. you can sell it & buy a black one for the same price on bonanza & break even.