Should I dye a faded bag?

  1. Need some advice from anyone what has maybe done this...
    I've got a black canvas Gucci bag (it's NOT logo print... just black canvas) and it's faded over time. I called my shoe/bag "God-like" cobbler, and he said he could dye it, and would put a protective sealant on it, but the dye might still rub off.

    So, I'm hesitant to do it for fear that I will:
    1.) end up ruining a shirt by wearing my bag (think- large square on
    my side)
    2.) never wear the bag again b/c of maybe ruining another shirt!

    Has anyone dyed a bag? Any problems?
  2. Have you tried asking your Gucci boutique about it?
  3. ^^^ I agree, I would try to do that before dying it.