Should I do this?

  1. I have a bag listed now and I have a good (not great, not bad) offer. But the buyer has 0 feedback and wants to use an escrow service. He will pay the escrow fees and the very large international shipping cost which he has already checked into. How risky is this to me? Should I do it? I don't have a ton of selling experience. I just left my first - feedback for a NPB and I am sure I will get a retaliatory - so I don't want another negative from a newbie. Should I say no?
  2. I wouldn't do this. TOO risky.
  3. I wouldn't do it, either. I have no trust on eBay, esp. from buyers with no feedback.
  4. There are PLENTY of buyers locally. Steer clear if it's not in your comfort zone. You stand to lose a lot.
  5. Generally speaking, I don't take ANY risks with zero FB buyers. I won't sell big tickets items to any buyers with no feedback at this point.
  6. I told him no. I just think this is too big of a hassle and after reading that he has a few days to examine the bag. I am not going down that road. I don't take returns so I think this is opening myself to trouble. Why is it that I get so many European bidders with very few feedback?
  7. Just hang in there and wait for a better offer!! ;)
  8. If it were me..I wouldn't do it.....
    just too risky when they have 0 feedback. I take risks, but then there is too much risks and not only that, you will get a better offer with someone who has good feedback and can pay immediately.....
    I think positive on these kinds of works!
  9. If that really makes you uncomfortable, you can always change your listing preferences to only accept bids/offers from bidders who meet a certain criteria. :yes:
  10. Agreed!!! That buyer will be nothing but big trouble and you don't need that.
  11. thank goodness u didnt go through with it.sounded too risky to me
  12. Agree with the others - no no NO! It's too risky and you'll have other buyers. The fact that it's a 0 fb bidder is even worse - when I first started on eBay, I played by all the rules and never approached sellers about changing their terms.