Should I do it, sight unseen - O/S Muse?

  1. I've been thinking about getting an O/S Muse for a few weeks now.

    I called the SF store and asked about O/S Muses, and they had a "caramel" color on sale for $ you guys think that it's a good deal? The SA there is holding it for me, but I'm not sure what the color looks like and it would be a final sale.

    He said that whatever bags they don't sell are going to the outlets next, should I go for it, or wait?

    Does anyone have the "caramel" color that he was referring to?

  2. SuLi, I think its pretty risky. There have been various light-brown color Muses and sometimes people mix up the names. I've seen Muses called oak, ochre, biscotto, beige, caramel, etc. Unless the SA can email you a clear pic, I'd take a pass, because all sales are final on YSL sale bags.
  3. SuLi - definitely, I would ask them to email you a pic!
  4. That's what I was worried about - the final sale aspect.

    I asked him and he said that he did not have a picture, but was going to search for one. Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll have it.

    Is there anyone in SF that might be able to take a spy picture for me :graucho:?
  5. I'd be a little cautious since "caramel" could mean something else from what you're expecting. I'd "think" it was a tan shade. But there have been a few light brown/tan Muses.

    If the SA can't find a photo, could he perhaps give you the season information on the bag? From there, you might be able to figure out what shade they have...
  6. this is not an answer to your question, but will it be returnable and cost less if you wait for it to go to the outlets?
  7. ^ I don't know what the policies are like with the outlets.

    I spoke with a manager today...she said that she was going to try to e-mail me pictures. She said that the "caramel" color is the exact color of "Brach's" brand caramel.

    We'll see. Thanks!
  8. I *think* I know the caramel colour...I saw a pretty caramel candy coloured downtown on sale at YSL Houston. I hope they can email you pics!